Hannah Scherer Why I AM the best candidate for the "Minn-ternship"

Hello McCann Team!

My name is Hannah Scherer, and I'm a sophomore at Notre Dame studying Psychology, Business Economics, and Journalism.

the golden dome

Beyond this, I am a dog lover who has never owned a dog, an avid melophile, a subscriber to at least three blogs about fonts, a coffee addict, and an oxford comma enthusiast. I yell about award shows, take pictures of my food, care too much about Minnesota, and consistently assign myself as official candid photographer at most events, family and otherwise.

My current goals (short and long term) are thus:

  1. Finally finish watching "The West Wing."
  2. Own the world's largest collection of Smartwool socks.
  3. Learn how to code.
  4. Kick my caffeine habit and drink coffee purely for taste.
  5. Enter the marketing and advertising world through a summer internship
  6. Hug Mindy Kaling and tell her how much she means to me.
  7. Graduate from the University of Notre Dame and make something of myself, then be invited back to be commencement speaker.
  8. Create a digital media empire.
  9. Change the world along the way.
  10. ......... a few more steps in between
This is me! The photo is located in my potential favorite place in the world, Connemara, Ireland (other contenders at this point in my life: Vancouver, BC, Minneapolis, Boston, and South Bend).

Career-wise, I am driven by three primary motivators, which can be seen below.

These three seemingly simple facets combine into a near perfect marriage of my truest ambitions that coincidentally point directly into the world of marketing and advertising, a world I cannot wait to enter. I would love the opportunity to do meaningful work while developing my skills in writing words that combine into meaningful stories, design that both organizes and enhances material, and the psychological knowledge and consideration behind what influences human decisions through an internship at McCann Minneapolis this summer.

McCann and its commitment to producing a "truth well told" speaks directly to my interests, the interests of the consumer, and the interests of the greater, developing world of marketing as a whole. Innovating to create more intelligent, truthful, and impactful ideas through crisp and meaningful design has the power to do so much more than transform a brand or strategy; it has the power to shift thoughts and sway behavior. This innovation to promote the optimal integration of consumer opinion and digital strategy to play a more impactful role in the market is something McCann Minneapolis does incredibly well, an innovation in which I would love to play a part.

I possess the following qualities that I believe allow me to contribute to the Media intern program:

Demonstrated creative problem solving skills:

Working for Match Marketing Group as their La Croix campus ambassador, I focused on engaging with and expanding their consumer base. I consistently developed new, creative ways to capture interest, particularly through social media and in-person interaction with consumers. Additionally, at Notre Dame I am involved in Students International Business Council, working on projects in the marketing and consulting divisions. While the prompts for these projects have varied from expanding a video streaming service for Lionsgate to creating a study abroad program in Lebanon, both taught me valuable methods of efficiently and creatively solving real-life problems, stressing research-based analysis. Thanks to this, I have expanded knowledge of databases such as Mintel, IBISWorld, and PsychInfo.


Efficient and clear interpersonal communication:

As a host at McCormick’s Pub and Restaurant in Wayzata, I learned so much more than the best way to bring guests to their tables. As typically the sole front-of-house staff member of a busy lakeside restaurant, communicating positively and effectively between all staff and the customers must become the smooth, clear connection linking each level of operation. I must explain issues under pressure and do damage control without upsetting either party. At Notre Dame, I am studying journalism and contributing to the design team on the Scholastic Magazine, both requiring me to use written words to clearly communicate necessary aspects of the story, appealing to and enticing readers.


Established leadership and organizational abilities:

During my time at Notre Dame, I have demonstrated leadership in my class and hall, acting on sophomore class council (SCC) and through Howard Hall starting as the social commissioner, progressing to treasurer, and next year, I will be Vice President before going abroad in the spring. Within these roles, I have lead and organized projects such as our hall’s signature charity events and SCC social events, designing advertisements and managing planning behind the operations of each. As treasurer of Howard this past year, organizational skills have become key in my planning, designation, and minding of the budget, additionally completing receipt reimbursements and energizing commissioners to program on budget.


An engagement with and passion for digital media:

While I am just beginning my career, I've been passionate about all things digital since I learned how to Internet. I'm active on social media, take and edit as many photos of interesting things as I can, and do the best I can to stay informed as possible on emerging technologies, forms of media, and the news in general. My favorite websites to read are Wired, Fivethirtyeight, Fast Company, Vulture, the Ringer, and the New York Times––I feel uncomfortable if I feel out of this loop I've established for myself. The multimedia journalism course I am taking this semester has taught me valuable tools, both internal and external, to more accurately and efficiently acquire sources and connect with an audience, with some of the external being Google Trends and Analytics, Ban.jo, Storify, and Twitter Analytics.


my mn


I deeply appreciate the opportunity to apply for the McCann Minneapolis Summer Internship Program. Please consider placing me on your interview schedule, and thank you in advance for your consideration. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at 612-419-4196.

I’m looking forward to the possibility of being useful to your company, growing through experience, and combining creativity and productivity to learn the business behind influencing decisions.

Highest regards,

Hannah Scherer

Disclosure: All content on this page was created by me, excluding the single picture I am featured in.

Thanks again!

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