Gems of Wisdom all about Mrs. Clouser

Angela Clouser works at Troy Junior High School teaching Eighth Grade Language Arts. Major tasks while being in her position are lesson planning, assessing, motivating, and TIME MANAGING!
She works with Mrs. Hurley in her team for the best of her students as well as the other eighth grade language arts teachers to compare the curriculum each of them has. She is expected to teach Common Core Standards to prepare her students for the test, and also takes quarterly test for specific safety issues.
Mrs. Clouser is organized, personable, compassionate, patient, and creative. She is open-communicable, collaborative, flexible, and is always thinking about what she could be doing next. She believes in working as a team, creating new ides, new ways of teaching, and is flexible for any change.
Mrs. Clouser wishes she would've known how to have foreseen what the state would change what teachers can do in the classroom. In order to be in the position she is in right now, she had to take four years of college and testing.
Mrs. Clouser enjoys seeing the students who say they finished their first book ever and liked it, that it gave them something to value in life, such as reading, and also enjoys having great relationships and seeing students grow up nicely. If she could change something, she would change the parental involvement for the better of the student, she wishes it was a majority of them who would support efforts of teachers for the growth of the students.


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