Bob Fosse One of the most influential men in jazz dance history

  • Date of birth: 23 June 1927, Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Date of death: 23 September 1987, Washington, D.C., United States
  • Cause of death: Heart attack
  • Died of age: 60

Robert Louis "Bob" fosse is best known for achieved success as an American dancer, musical theatre choreographer, screenwriter, actor and film director of stage and screen musicials. He set records with Tony and Academy Awards won for his work, which includes Pippin, Cabaret and Chicago.

Timeline of Bob Fosse's greatest achievement and accomplishment

Dance style of Bob fosse

What did Bob Fosse's style of dance look like

Fosse's created a unique dance, that is still practiced in dance studios throughout the world. The style was stylish and different, and easily recognized. After growing up in Caberet nightclubs, the nature of Fosse's signature style was sexually suggestive. Four of his dance trademarks included turned-in knees, sideways shuffling, rolled shoulders and of course jazz hands. His dances were sexual, physically demanding of even the most highly trained dancers. His amazing choreography continues to live on through several great Broadway musicals.

What influenced Bob fosse's choice of movement

Bob Fosse was Influenced initially by the work of Jack Cole, Fred Astaire, and Jerome Robbins, Fosse was fluent in a dizzying mix of styles: in Redhead alone he incorporated elements of the ballet, jazz, march, cancan, gypsy dance, and the traditional English music-hall. ... At dance school he was

What physical skills and body action were used often in Bob Fosse's choreography

Physical skills

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Control
  • Transference of weight
  • stamina

Body action

  • Turning
  • Falling
  • Stillness
  • Gesture
  • Locomotion
  • Elevation

What costumes were typical in Bob Fosse's choreography

As you can tell by the pictures, most of the costume are sophisticated and were in black. In Bob Fosse's choreography it was typical for the dancers to be wearing a hat.

What props were typical in Bob Fosse's choreography

A chair was sometime used in a Bob Fosse choreography

An example of one of his work

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