The Daimyo feudal japan

Role in government

the Daimyo is a person whom of which owns land, tries to take over other Daimyo land as well as having samurai to protect, and fight for them, and peasants that farm food, they also have artisans who make weapons and armor and merchants who sell things.

a samurai suit
samurai fighting

The advantages of being a Daimyo

: The daimyo had power over samurai, and peasants

that was because the daimyo owned the land that their samurai and peasants lived on so therefor the samurai protected the daimyo and the peasants farmed food for the daimyo.

The daimyo had power of their own rules/laws on their land

they had power over land because of how the feudal japan system worked which gave them the ability to own and rule over their own land

the daimyo is in second place to the most power and that is because the daimyo is only a landowner while the one with most power, the shogun is a military leader, also the emperor is at the top of the triangle only because they were believed to be gods

this is the feudal japan system

thank you for watching my presentation, bye

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