April-May Newsletter Missionary Jana Inglehart

As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. Luke 10:38 NIV

An Abundance of "Marthas"

As I travelled around Nebraska, Iowa, Washington, Colorado, Texas and Louisiana during my home service, I was reminded of the Bible verse above, where Martha opened her home to Jesus. It amazed me that there were so many "Marthas" out there, who were willing to host me. Though many of you had never met me, and knew nothing of me, sight unseen, you were pleased to open your homes and share your blessings of food, fellowship and even music, with me. Thanks be to God for all of you Marthas out there whose real names might include Shirley, Irma, Wendy, Pat, Trudy, or Gloria! Your kindness and friendship were appreciated more than you know, and I hope that in some small way, my presence was a blessing to you and your family, as well.

Dear friends Chris and Pat, welcomed me into their home. As they have done since the 90s, they shared the gift of music with me. What a joy it was to see them again, and hear that beautiful violin music!

Upon my return to the Dominican Republic, my home was in excellent condition. I am excited to announce that tarantulas did not set up housekeeping during the absence of a broom wielding missionary. The geckos knew they were welcome, so continued their sharing of my space. Two months of their evidence was left behind, but they are nice little guys so it's okay. They eat mosquitoes, or so I have heard. It is good to be home.

Dedication of New Worship Facility

A celebration of the dedication of a new worship facility for the Confessional Lutheran Church of Pueblo Nuevo took place on May 5th. For years, the congregation had been crowding into a hot, noisy storefront just about two steps from the street. Worship was interrupted by street noise on a regular basis. We thank God that the new facility will allow for normal congregational worship, classes, and events, with plenty of space and air flow, and much less street noise.

Pastors, seminary students, missionaries, and members from our mission churches joined in the processional through the streets, from the old location to the new, much larger facility.

First Graduating Class

Last Friday evening, Concordia El Reformador, our new Dominican seminary celebrated her first graduating class of eight men from the countries of Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. In addition, five seminarians received vicarage assignments.

Heavy rain did not dampen the spirits of the 150 or so in attendance, which included pastors, and dignitaries from the U.S. and across Latin America, church members and friends from our local missions, seminarians, and missionaries. I was excited and honored to be part of this historic event, producing the diplomas, doing interviews, and taking photos.

Did you know?

  • The second annual symposium was hosted last week by Concordia El Reformador Seminary. Participants from 19 countries were in attendance. More about that soon.
  • We have four new missionaries who will be serving in Latin America. They just completed their orientation in St. Louis, and will soon be arriving for orientation here in the Dominican Republic.

Prayer Requests

Please Pray

  • Thanking God for our eight recent graduates, and for the congregations who will be welcoming these men as their pastors.
  • Please pray also, for the five men who just received their vicarage assignments, that they will adjust well to their new work, and will be a blessing to the churches they serve.
  • Thanking God for the new worship facility for our congregation in Pueblo Nuevo.
  • That I would continue to be a blessing to the Latin American region, and my work would be pleasing to Our Lord.
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