Post Tenebras Lux (by FELIPE LOPEZ)

Post Tenebras Lux, is a short film made with found footage based on the quote "In order to arrive at what you are not, you must go through the way in which you're not". My understanding of this quote is that you must make the wrong decisions in life to discover the person you are not which will unveil the person you are. It is a visual metaphor for the quote in which shows different clips from world WW2 which slowly progress throughout the film. They are meant to depict the terrible decisions made by humans in which eventually help us discover whom we actually are. The title of the film is called, Post Tenebras Lux which is a latin fraise which translates to "Light after Darkness", this also supports the quote I used for the film further supporting the idea of how mistakes ultimately help us realize whom we actually are and are not.

Shot explanation: The first shot is of an aircraft flying through the sky during WW2, this resembles a person beginning a journey through life in which they will make mistakes and find whom they truly are. The second shot is of a group of soldiers marching and this resembles the fact that not only you are on your journey through life in which you will make mistakes but many others are also on that journey as well. The third shot is of two soldiers firing mortar shells, those mortar shells will either hit where they were intended to or they'll need to adjust the aim of the mortar to hit the target. This represents the decisions we make in life and how sometimes they have different outcomes. We learn the best from our mistakes, and in this case this shows that because if they miss the mortar shot they will gain more knowledge on how to hit the target accurately. The shots after that shows a soldier injured being carried to safety, and anti war protests. This soldier represents how sometimes the decisions we make can really hurt us, or the people around us. But we have to understand that the decisions we make don't mean that we're bad people, its simply a stepping stone in your journey in life that helps you realize whom you actually are. The anti war protests represent the fact that people might not always agree with what you're doing or what you're saying but you should do what you think is right and what aligns with your moral compass. The final shots are of planes dropping bombs and a city coming to a blaze. I believe again this represents the decisions we make in life, but the ones that come with harsher consequences. For example divorce, suicide, ending or creating friendship, and many more of the complications of life. The fire represents the fact that these issues are only temporary and that eventually they will burn out and you will have time to reflect and discover who you truly are.

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