Japan Project 日本プロジェクト


In Japan people were often judged on their appearance. Makeup and looking a certain way was very important to women. Expectations were to have a powdered white face, red lips, long hair, high eyebrows and black teeth. It was important because a person was defined or described on how they would set their appearance. It was also significant because people from Japan prized beauty and women and men were expected to look nice and presentable. A person was was considered unattractive if they didn't follow the expectations on how to look.

Feudalism In Japan

Another important thing in Japan that kept structure was Feudalism. Feudalism was a structure of society that Japan was built upon. In Feudalism on top was the Shogun, Daimyos, Samurai, and peasants. Feudalism was when everyone provided for each other, like when the Shogun or the people on top gave the peasants land and protection while the peasants provided food and crops for everyone which made it a secure system. Feudalism kept everyone busy and it's what everyone expected from each other another reason why it was secure.

Samurai Code ( Bushido )

In Japan samurai's helped keep their society organized. The samurai code taught samurais to be fearless, honor their masters and fairness. Samurais were expected to value royalty and personal honor more than their lives. Samurais would rather kill themselves than surrender. Samurais defended Japan and kept people safe. Without them people would feel unsafe and unprotected. If people didn't feel safe they would leave Japan and that would decrease Japans population. Samurais would protect their masters and die of honor. It kept order by having people trust the samurais so the Samurais helped Japan.

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