Honeymoon Part 3 NeW York

Day 5 - 19/09/19

It was the last full day of sightseeing, so we headed to the American Museum of Natural History. To get there we strolled through Central Park, locating the tavern on the green and of course the lake. Once we got to the museum where the statue of Roosevelt stood (which reminded me of night at the museum), we went through the revolving doors. Obviously, the citypass included this and it was another straightforward ticket claim! We would totally recommend using this if you ever go to NY or any other city that has this on offer.

The Tavern on the Green
Strawberry Fields, Central Park
Museum Subway
Outside the Museum

We went a screening of the dark universe, discovering the Big Bang theory. We then had a discussion about how can scientists identify how old it is. We then explored the earth and space halls, before we went on a guided tour. Which was very informative of why Roosevelt wanted to build the museum to conserve and inform people of endangered species. After the tour we went to find the ‘dum dum’ before making our way to the subway.

American Museum of Natural History

We then made our way to Brooklyn Bridge, so headed to Brooklyn on the subway. We followed the designated path to the bridge and walked back to Manhattan. It’s great way to see Manhattan skyline and the view of Manhattan bridge. Jess did a 6 minute GoPro video and David took lots of photos from the nuts and bolts to the suspensions of the bridge. It is the oldest suspension bridge in NY.

Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Fine details
Suspension Wires

We then headed back to Times Square for some food, unfortunately we didn’t see a show as nothing really took our fancy, but we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner which is the next best thing to a broadway show. Enjoyed some singing whilst eating amazing food. We then headed back to the hotel to have a early night, due to needing to get up at 6:15 for our flight to San Francisco.

Ellen's Stardust Diner

Day 6 - 20/09/2019

So, we woke up early, headed for breakfast and then got our bags and checked out of the hotel. We made our way to the subway and headed to the airport. Once we arrived at the terminal we checked our bags in and got informed of a 2 hour delay. Which was a shame as we could’ve explored a little more, but another time. It gave us time to write in our journal and upload pictures.

We got on the plane and departed at 14:00. We admired the view of Manhattan one last time and made our way to San Francisco. We enjoyed the view of the landscape from the airplane window travelling across America.

Plane Snacks
Plane Selfie
Another aerial view

We took the train from the airport into San Francisco and the hotel was literally round the corner. We checked in and got offered an upgrade, which we declined. We settled into our room, before heading out for some fresh air. We stumbled across a lovely ramen bar.

Ramen Bar
Spotted this on the way back to the hotel

We look forward to sharing our next honeymoon adventure with you, see you soon, The Collards xx