On the night of March 29, the Graduates' Banquet was held. We celebrated the lives of our graduating students from varied Junior High Schools and Colleges who have been part of Every Nation Campus.

33 graduates attended the banquet with their parents to rejoice with us this lifetime milestone.

Graduation is a time of completion, of finishing, of an ending, however, it is also a time of celebration of achievement and a beginning of a new graduate – Catherine Pulsifer

Indeed, graduation is not the end but the beginning. As a ministry, we put premium in the importance of preparing students for life. These faces represent our hope as the next leaders of the society! Because we have reached out to them and shared the gospel, they will one day bring change at their respective future workplaces and change the world for Jesus big time . And because they were given the opportunity to hear about Jesus and follow His example to live a life of Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence – the future is indeed bright!

Georgette (one holding the microphone) and her mom (in coral pink blouse)

One of our graduates this year is Georgette Lagunday from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. During the banquet program, she shared her testimony with her mom about how her life changed through Christ. She said,

"I knew that Jesus is our Lord and our Savior but you cannot actually see in my lifestyle the true Lordship of Christ and the salvation that He has given to us because I was living a life that is full of insecurities, doubts, lies and I feel so empty. I was trying to fill that emptiness through performing to gain the approval of my parents and of other people, I do things to gain honor for myself not for God. I was a freshman then when someone from Every Nation Campus reached out to me and invited me to join a life group. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and they help me grow in my relationship with God. And as time goes by, God personally revealed Himself to me and ask me to surrender the burden that I have in my heart that He is the only way to fill that emptiness in my heart, that I don’t need to perform and do more things to gain the approval of other people because in His eyes I am already affirmed and no matter what I have done and will do His love for me will never change and it is unconditional."

Georgette thrived in her studies and now enjoys her relationship with her family and friends. She shares God’s word passionately to her fellows for God’s glory and honor. She added;

"In my future workplace, I desire to bring joy, peace and passion to whatever tasks are given to me. And also, I will set myself as an example to build integrity and excellence in doing my job and also teach my office mates the humility and submission to the authority of our boss. I would love to share the gospel to them too! I pray that my future workplace will be a place that will bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus."

Georgette's story is one of the many changed lives I've personally witness through Campus Ministry. Thank You for being part of this journey! Let's believe for more life testimonies from those whom we are reaching out to. It's truly a joy to co-labor with you in changing the lives of the students in the campuses as we bring the good news to them and prepare them for LIFE!

Changing the Campus, Changing the World with You,

Jessica Camacho, Campus Missionary || General Santos City jessica.camacho@everynationcampus.org || 0921-371-9883 || BPI Account No: 0829434881

Every Nation Campus is a worldwide campus ministry. We reach out to students and introduce them to Jesus Christ. We also empower students in L.I.F.E by coaching them in the area of Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence.

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