Newsletter - Friday 19 June 2020

Pastors' News

Just Breathe

Nike has a slogan - 'Just Do It'. We've all heard it, we've all seen it and we even wear it with style.

Sometimes in life, we just have to 'do it' but often in the process of doing it, we forget to pause and take a breath. We can only do so much for a certain period of time before everything collapses. The good news is that God has the answer and his word emphasises the significance of rest.

God created the Sabbath; an entire day set apart for God and his people. In Hebrew, shabbat literally means "rest from labor". We encourage you to shabbat - just breathe. We pray that you shabbat from your mental labor. May you find the courage to shabbat from your emotional labor. May you find strength to shabbat from your physical labor. We pray you find peace to just breathe. God is present in your life and His goodness and mercy will follow you everywhere you go. His love will never ever fail you.

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Look! I am going to put breath into you and make you live again! - Ezekiel 37:5

Whole School News

A note from Mrs Streatfeild

Drop Off and Pick Up

It is great to see most students back to school and returning to the new 'normal'. Thank you for your co-operation and patience during drop off and pick up. Your understanding and adaptability in these challenging times has helped to maintain a healthy environment for your children to learn.

New Basketball Courts

Students are enjoying the new Basketball courts and green space in Block D. These areas are a welcome outlet for our energetic students during break times. Students are reminded to wait for the Duty Teacher before heading over to the Basketball courts and Block D.

COVID-19 update

Just a reminder that any students who are unwell and have cold/flu symptoms should not be at school and are required to undergo a COVID test. Please communicate with the School regarding results.

Update on Roadway Works

We are waiting on confirmation of works from government departments before commencing the roadway from Fox Valley Road into the school.

Junior School News

A note from Mrs Deppeler

We have had quite an eventful term due to COVID-19 where we started the term with students learning remotely and for the past few weeks learning back in the classroom. While most students have transitioned well, some students may still feel anxious, worried or concerned. Research tells us that these feelings and emotions are normal after a traumatic event. It is important to spend time with your child and allow them to talk to you about their concerns or feelings. Like all of us they just want to be heard and validated.


Just a reminder that now Winter is here, it is important that everyone is in their Full Winter Uniform on the days required. Please ensure that students remember to wear their tie as it is part of our uniform and label jumpers/jackets and hats so that they can be returned if found. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in this area.

I will be continuing to post a new challenge each week into your child’s learning journal in Seesaw. The challenges are not compulsory and are additional to any work set by your child’s teacher. Once completed please upload and post to Mrs Deppeler's Weekly Challenge folder on your child’s class homeroom page.

Word Challenge

This week’s challenge requires you see how many words you can make from the word “Christianity”. Please write them in a list. I look forward to what you come up with. See your learning journal in Seesaw for more details.

If you learn self-control, you can master absolutely anything.

Middle & Senior School News

A note from Miss Rogers and Mr St Mart


As we are heading into Winter and it is getting colder we would like to remind parents of the following:

• Travelling to and from school the outer most layer of your child’s uniform should be the school blazer.

• Hoodies are not permitted under sport uniforms. We have a school sport jacket that students are able to wear, under which non visible layers can be worn.

• A reminder that earrings should only be plain, silver studs. Double earrings and earrings that do not comply with the school uniform, will be confiscated to be collected from the Office at the end of the school day. There will be further consequences for students who continue to disregard school protocol.

Please be mindful of the requirement of the skirt length for the girls in the Middle and Senior School. As outlined in our handbook, girls winter skirts must have a minimum length below the bottom of the knee cap and maximum length above mid-calf.

Finally, those students who are wearing the incorrect uniform or are missing uniform items, will need a note from their parents to avoid receiving a red stamp.

Year 5 - 3D Shape Cities

For the last two weeks, Mrs Kanimako’s Year 5 Maths class has been extending their knowledge of 3D Space. In groups, students were tasked with creating a city by designing, cutting, folding and sticking nets of various 3D shapes together. They became Mathematicians, Town Planners and Designers! While groups created their own cities, it was a sight to behold when the cities were placed side-by-side to create a Mega City!

Upcoming Middle & Senior School Events

Year 10 Career Profiling Interviews

Tuesday, 23 June – Wednesday, 24 June

By now Year 10 students should have received an email setting out their time and log in details for the Career Profiling Interviews to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. If you are yet to pay for the interview, please make payment of $50 to the School Office ASAP.

Virtual HSC and Careers Expo

Students in Year 10 in 2020 are likely to finish their working lives in about 2068, and while we cannot even imagine the many and varied changes to the nature of work they are likely to face in the intervening years, we can ensure they are equipped with the knowledge they need to make great choices now.

This year, students are unable to join their counterparts from a range of other schools at the 2020 HSC and Careers Expo. Disappointing though this is, students, teachers and parents who would have normally attended the event, can now access some of the high-quality seminars online. Many of the seminar presenters and education providers scheduled to present at the event have generously produced videos of the seminars. The videos will help students develop their understanding of the breadth of options they face, many of which did not exist even as recently as a decade ago. Students can individually access and watch these videos at a time that suits them.

Please go to www.hscandcareers.com.au/seminars to access the Online Video Seminar Program page on the HSC and Careers Expo website.

Type in the username: seminaraccess

Type in the password: Euug853ux (case sensitive i.e. capital E)

Term Dates for 2020

  • Term 1- Tuesday 28th January 2020 - Thursday 9th April 2020
  • Term 2 - Monday 27th April 2020 - Friday 3rd July 2020
  • Term 3 - Thursday 23rd July 2020 - Friday 25th September 2020
  • Term 4 - Monday 12th October 2020 - Thursday 10th December 2020

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Adam A (KE), Kyle S (3K), Sierra B (KE), Elizabeth B (1L), Hunter H (1S), Iris L (1L), Sophia W (1S), Charlie B (2M), Wyatt H (3K), Oliver B (4R), Isabel P (5C), Hannah L (6J) and Jasmine L (2B) who have all finished the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Great reading!

Remember, the Premier’s Reading Challenge does not finish until the end of August so there is still plenty of time to complete it. Happy Reading!!

Holiday Borrowing

This week is the last week of borrowing for Prep students for this term. Please make sure all library books are returned to the Library before the school holidays.

Borrowing is continuing up to the holidays for all other students. If you would like your child to have extra books for holiday reading please email me your request (Max. 10 books) and these books can be collected in the last week of term.

Thank you!

Library WebApp

The Library WebApp enables you to keep up to date with library events, search the catalogue, check your child’s current loans and overdue books, renew loans, reserve books, check your child’s borrowing history and much more. To visit the Library WebApp go to bit.ly.waslibrary and then follow the instructions on the home page to log on to your child’s records.

Home & School News

A note from Michelle Roberts, Home & School President

As we come near to the end of term 2 for 2020, I look back at the first part of the year. Wow what a roller coaster and so many changes to what we have known life to be, and moving forward I suspect ongoing changes as we fine the new norm. It has certainly tested my lack of teaching skills and I had to tap into new copying skills.

I am certainly grateful that school has returned to some normality.

Today on behalf of Home and School this is a Parent Master Class session, please take time to read the article, it will certainly reassure you as you continue to parent during this rapid period of change and challenges.


In the words of Maggie Dent “Put simply, parenting is all about neuroplasticity! When we are loving, consistent caregivers it allows our children’s brains to be off alert and to be calm, because this is when the brain learns best. Stressed brains struggle to learn as easily as calm brains”.

Meals with Love

If you know a school family in need of a home-cooked meal, then please email us. Due to the current climate, we cannot accept donations of meals. All meals are being prepared by Meals With Love and the Canteen to aid with contact tracing if necessary. We thank you for your continued support of this initiative.

Nicola - nicolasweetman@gmail.com

Tish - tishiarmstrong@hotmail.com


Bits and Pieces

Please see link below to access the "Keeping Safe in Cybersafe" education series.