Capital Campaign A case statement for Trinity Lutheran Church, Moorhead

Trinity Lutheran Church is a landmark in the city of Moorhead. The bell tower, golden cross and stained-glass windows stand as symbols for worshipping members who have called Trinity home for over 135 years. Throughout our history, Trinity has responded to both challenges and opportunities. Moved by God's Spirit, ours is a heritage of risk taking and growth.

  • Following the fire which destroyed our sanctuary in 1951, Trinity chose to build a larger sanctuary thus positioning itself for membership growth in the era of the baby boom.
  • In response to a need in the community, Trinity Preschool was established in 1969.
  • In the seventies, growth pressure again led Trinity to expand its parish education facilities.
  • In the same decade Trinity invested new resources in its youth program which became a pace-setter for both Trinity and the wider church.
  • In the late eighties the lack of support for families of alcoholics led to the establishment of the Lost and Found Ministry, a result of vision and generosity.
  • As increasing numbers of worshippers were being drawn to contemporary forms of worship in the late eighties, Trinity built the Christian Life Center.

In this century there are new challenges and opportunities to which God's Spirit is again calling us to respond:

  • We have a growing community but our membership is static.
  • We live in a prosperous economy yet our finances are challenging.
  • We have an infrastructure in need of renewal but investment has been insufficient.
  • We have a facility which is inaccessible to people with limited mobility.
  • We have a facility that is confusing to visitors.
  • We have opportunities to be an engaged partner in the renewal of downtown Moorhead.
  • We live in a time when rising generations are seeking opportunities for hands-on/make-a-difference ministry.
We believe God is calling Trinity Lutheran Church to refocus our vision, renew our ministries, and refresh our facilities.


For the past four years, Trinity has been involved in an intentional process of discovery and discernment. Beginning with the 20/20 Vision Team and subsequent Dream Teams, their work culminated in the establishment of a Building Committee and of a Mission Narrative Team who, through their own year-long process, refocused our vision and developed our new mission narrative. This came about by significant input from members, the congregation and the community. This vision is centered upon our call to "be a light."



Our vision is centered upon our call to "be a light."

As this light shines the good news of God's love for all creation, it brightens the dark places, it inspires, it connects, it gives hope, and it touches those in need. God is calling Trinity Lutheran Church to shine the light of Christ into Downtown Moorhead and beyond.

There is hurt and brokenness in our community:

We are called to be a light.

There is a hunger for relationships and for places to belong:

We are called to be a light.

There is a disconnect between our faith and life in the world:

We are called to be a light.

There is a deep longing to express our gratitude for God's love and grace:

We are called to be a light.

"What has come into being in Jesus was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it." John 1:3b-5


Trinity Lutheran Church: Called to be a light...


  • By developing an environment in which members can connect with one another, build relationship, and seek deeper spiritual understanding.
  • By renaming all current small group ministries and encouraging the development of new Light Groups.


  • By nurturing a culture of welcome that invites the community into our mission. We currently host 17 organizations and a refreshed facility will allow us to increase this number.
  • By responding to the critical need for infant care and expanding our preschool services to the community.
  • By developing the outreach of our Lost and Found Ministry to better address the reality of addiction in our community.
  • By expanding opportunities for members to engage in ministry within our community, celebrating and recognizing where our members are already engaged while lifting up and encouraging similar opportunities.

To our WORLD and the WIDER CHURCH:

  • By enhancing our global outreach. From Haiti to India, from long-term missionaries to Young Adults in Global Mission, from Lutheran Social Services to World Hunger, we are at our best as a congregation when we extend our resources to meet the needs of our global mission partners.
Trinity Lutheran Church has, and continues to make a difference in our local community and in the world. In addition to our number one resource, our people, we must also consider our second most important resource: Our facility.


Trinity Lutheran Church: Called to be a light...

  1. By providing a space that is open, illuminated, navigable, and hospitable.
  2. By providing a facility that is safe, efficient and secure.
  3. By modifying youth, education and music spaces to meet the needs of our ministries.
  4. By enhancing our worship spaces, and taking care to preserve those spaces as we respond to new worship opportunities.
  5. By securing an endowment to provide funding for ongoing facility maintenance, protecting our investment in the future.


Building upon God’s blessing of our rich history at Trinity, we seek to carry out God’s calling in a new time with bold new initiatives. Our faithfulness and fruitfulness will be measured in many ways, both large and small. We will continue to cast a wide net, but success will also be measured one individual at a time: one recovering addict; one youth moved by great ministry; one new person finding a place in our community. As Trinity Lutheran Church we will answer our call to BE A LIGHT.


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