Fiesta De San Fermin holiday on spain

- Starts on July 6th and ends on July 14th - 8 days in July
- Celebrated to honer Fermin, who was martyred when Romans tied him to a bulls horns and let the bull drag him to his death.
- Celebration customs are fire works, singing, dancing, fairs, bullfights, and parades
- People uncork champagne bottles and have the contents spray out over the crowd
- People eat churros , and sandwiches. They also get wine and hot chocolate to drink
- Horsemen wear 16th century costumes while the runners wear white with red scarves around their neck to honor San Fermin.
- Decorations would include red flags on balconies and posters hung up to honor San Fermin
- This holiday is important to them because it honors San Fermin who got killed by a bull

Fiesta De San Fermin is a minor holiday because kids don't get off of school and it is mostly an adult holiday

This holiday is doesn't have any other holidays like it in the U.S but any county or state fair is like it because of the singing and the different events like animal shows

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