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Mini's Gastropub is a high-end pub situated in the heart of the Entertainment District of downtown Toronto. Known for serving the most unique beers and wines from across the world. Also known for its Friday night shows featuring guest artists.

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The logo I created resembles a neon sign which I thought would fit really well for a pub situated in the Entertainment district. I was inspired by a design on two different images on the internet. The first image was of an antique looking logo that had a similar layout/shape. The text was inspired by a neon looking sign for a pizza restaurant.

For the most part, I was really pleased by how it turned out. Some issues that I encountered were the text. Several things such as the alignment of the curvy text, was really hard to do because I couldn't type it out using the text tool. This was really time consuming and took multiple tries to get it to where I wanted. Secondly, the neon-like design was really hard to implement because I couldn't find a design that fit well in the logo that i had planned for. As a result, I ended up using the "neon" for the curvy lines instead of using it for the text. So I ended up using the line patterns but if I had more time, I would've chose something a bit different.

What I liked most about my piece was that it wasn't too complicated nor simple. It was a design that in my opinion had a lot of variety but still made it look clear and crisp. Also, the stars added a nice touch to the logo as it gives it the impression that it's a "five star restaurant" vibe. It's a bit cheesy but I think it made the logo more appealing and interesting.

I would like to continue on with this skill as it allows me to be creative and have an open mind. This project allowed me to dive even deeper into the graphic industry, in fact I believe that this is by far the most closest assignment that we've received that resembles what graphic designers do in the real world.

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