Roman Entertainment By MATILDA, Georgia and Sophie M


Most Romans had plenty of leisure time, especially in the later years of the Empire. Before the Romans arrived, the Celts enjoyed storytelling, singing and horse racing. People in Roman Britain went on to still enjoy these things, but also had new hobbies . This included chariot racing, bathing in the public baths and more violent activities such as The Games! Working hours were short and slaves did much of the work. There were many public holiday. Most Romans went into towns for entertainment.

The Games

The games were held in amphitheater. The acts included acrobatics displays, music and dancing but the one that everyone loved was the violent ones which were animal hunts, Gladiator fights and mock battles. These were called 'The Games'. The gladiators were trained fighters who fought each other until one of them died. Some of them lived long enough to buy their freedom. Unfortunately, most of them died. It was very violent back in Roman Britain. They had different hobbies to what we have now.


In Roman towns and cities they had public baths to keep them clean and see their friends they had hot and cool baths.when they had finished in the baths they could buy drinks and snacks or read in the library or relax in the garden. Rich villa owners would had their own baths in their homes. People visited the baths after a long day of work and entertainment. This was their time to relax and meet their friends!


Races and Plays

In the in the Roman times, races were very popular sport. Chariot drivers were often killed during the races . The people driving the chariots were usually slaves.

The plays were normally held outside in outdoor stone theatres. People could choose to watch a tragedy, comedy or mine. Performances were often part of religious festivals. The actors were men with each actor playing several roles. They wore simple costumes that could be changed quickly and in public.

Roman Dinner Parties

A dinner party in the Roman times would include eggs, fish, snails, followed by wild deer, hare and a stuffed Peacock. Romans ate their dinner quite early, at about 4 pm and poor people had porridge with vegetables .

The dinner parties were held in the triclinium (dining room). They often lasted up to eight hours. The Romans did not sit on chairs around the table like we do today. Instead the adults lay down around a square table. Only small children or slaves were allowed to sit.


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