Experience, learning, and growth are three things senior field hockey player Caroline Curtin has gained during her life and her field hockey career at Trinity. Before she went to high school, Curtin had not even played field hockey, but rather played ice hockey during her youth. However, once her freshman year of high school came around, she decided to trade in the ice for turf and picked up field hockey. Since then, her career has been an exciting one, but one that hasn’t come without complications.

“I was initially drawn to the balance of both academics and athletics that NESCAC schools support.” Curtin said about her decision to choose Trinity. “Three years later and I could not be happier with my decision to come to Trinity. I’ve been able to meet great friends and pursue other interests outside of field hockey as well. Trinity is such a tight-knit community and that is something I think is very special about the school.”

The second Curtin stepped onto Trinity’s campus, she knew it would be her home for her four college years. It was a great start to her experience at Trinity. Unfortunately, Curtin suffered a major injury in her senior year of high school, tearing her ACL that caused her to miss her entire freshman season of college . She recovered, and then during her sophomore season, she tore her meniscus on her other knee while celebrating her game-winning goal, taking her once again out of practices and games.

“Dealing with an injury is always frustrating,” Curtin said, “but it’s also an important learning experience. Looking back I remember how upset I was because was not able to be on the field with my teammates. It really makes me appreciate every single practice, game, and opportunity I have to be out on that field. For me, being injured allowed me to learn how special it is to be part of a team, especially here at Trinity.”

Happily, Curtin has since recovered and is currently enjoying a fantastic individual season with eight goals, four assists, and 20 points, tied for the best on the team in all three, after three games. The Bantams are fighting for their playoff lives with two games left in the 2019 regular season. Trinity played in the NCAA Tournament in 2016 and 2017 and barely missed the tournament last fall.

“We definitely have had some ups and downs this season,” Curtin said. "I think the talent on our team is continuing to improve with every game. Our team is hoping to get a little bit of luck in our last few games this season in order to compete in the NESCAC tournament.”

“Caroline Curtin is it. She is really amazing. I recruited her because she is an awesome player and girl," boasted Trinity Head Coach Anne Parmenter about Curtin. “She has incredible speed. Also, she is the most diligent as far as her rehab as anyone I have ever had. Her entire freshman year she was doing all of her exercises and getting ready. We wouldn’t be where and who we are today without her."

Now her fourth year at Trinity and the end of the season rapidly approaching, the senior is taking in and appreciating every moment of her senior year.

“Field hockey is a game I’ve been so passionate about for the past seven years. Knowing that my career is coming to an end this fall is difficult to imagine. That being said, I can confidently say that being a part of Trinity Field Hockey has been the highlight of my college experience. I feel so grateful to have had teammates over the past four years that are such great people and friends. Although I won’t be able to play on the field anymore, being a part of the Bantam field hockey community is something that I will always get to take with me.”

Curtin enjoys studying math and science and is majoring in neuroscience with a minor in models and data. She hopes to work in health care or finance after college.

“I will most likely not continue playing field hockey competitively after graduation, but coaching is something I would like to consider down the road, " Curtin added. "I hope to be working in a city, either Boston or New York after I graduate, but for right now, I’m really just trying to enjoy every last minute of senior year."