Thoughts of philosophy Jacob hose


January 19: I am excited to understand how philosophy works and how I can apply it to society. I am nervous that I might not understand certain materials at first.

January 19: The phrase " the unexamined life is not worth living" means a life in which a person just runs through the motions of life and never taking chances or pursuing a dream. It also means never finding what life means to you

January 20: commandment 1: means to be open to suggestions of how the existence of time and life began. Commandment 2: means to question others claims until you have been convinced of the idea. Commandment 3: always believe the others who speak the truth. Commandment 4: split each problem apart to understand the internal problem within it. Commandment 5: to have a stable argument gather enough components to protest your theory. Commandment 6: understand the opposite argument from yours in order to strengthen the weak points in yours. Commandment 7: be open to change, alter, or reform your arguments position. Commandment 8: pursue a simpler argument than a complex one. Commandment 9: make your ideas personal to you but be able identify truth. Commandment 10: let the simple closure act as a open door to continue will a better argument.

January 26: the most interesting thing I learned while researching was that Plato thought about government styles including democracy which was rarely thought about in his age.

January 31: if I had lived in eastern philosophy times I would have followed Buddhism because to never suffer at all in life would lead me to have a peaceful worry free life without attachments.

February 2: Socrates defines wisdom as admitting to knowing nothing and pursue the knowledge for it helps you to expand and open your mind to new ideas that were once never thought of. I can use this idea of Socrates wisdom to help me open my mind to other people's ideas of certain topics.


February 7: I have the belief that after death not all beings transcend to a greater power but are stuck on earth to figure out what in their life caused them to have to stay. I would catorgerized this belief as religious and sociological.

February 9: I agree mostly with empiricism before I took the servey because I believed that when enter the world no one knows anything and can only learn from experience. The servey compared to my belief because my answers agree with empiricism

February 10: I once believed that supernatural beings did not exist and people just made up the idea. Until I was brought evidence upon me that made me think other wise. Now that I have a new perspective of supernatural beings I can see how they could and couldn't exist.

February 13: Descartes method is very complex in thinking, but express the reason that he must exist. All the work he put in to produce the idea that if he thinks he exist sounds like he wasted his time but he actually created the idea and reasoning for existence through skepticism. The idea of skepticism usually doubted everything but since he can't doubt doubt and he is always thinking about doubt, every time he thinks it is real.

February 14: people fall in love because they feel that is a need they have to fulfill in life. People fall in love because they feel that being emotionally attached to others. People who can't find love in others find love in things or hobbies they experience.

February 23: what Hume means when he states this quote, is that life's experiences develop your custom and once your custom is found life is more easy to life when there is something to life for.

February 27: I agree with Hume because you can't always use experience to know what the future be holds but you can use it to infer and hypothesize a belief of what is to come. This devops the custom that you need to have for the ability to believe at all.

February 28: After reading about epistemology I believe that knowlegde is experience gained over time but experience can only grow with the knowledge of new experiences for the mind to gain and interpret.

Unit: 3

March 6: I would rate my argumentative skills at a 6 becauise I believe I can present a good argument but it would take some time to come up with the argument. I also take some time to come up with a counter arguement to back up what I believe while also countering the opposition.

March 7: it's important to understand deductive reasoning because you use almost everyday in your life not just from person to person but also to your self. Your mind is constantly many assumptions base of deductive reasoning in order to produce the best out come to suit you you in your life. It also produces personal sanorios that only benefit you but fit the choice for it to be valid, sound, or both. This is difficult to understand at first because in an argument you must find the difference between the best way and the right way

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