RELIABILITY FROM THE MODULAR SYSTEM Bucher Hydraulics Offers Customized Cartridge-Type Directional Seat Valves Featuring Monitoring of the Operating Position

Increasing digitization

Energy efficiency, power density, intelligence or even just the ability to meet the requirements of industry 4.0 increasingly require an individual approach to the respective application.

Reliable design

For Bucher Hydraulics, there is no question that reliable design is based on both the detail design of individual components as well as an examination of the overall system. This is the only way to ensure that these features are not related to individual components alone, but rather that the overall concept represents a future-proof investment.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Identifying future technologies at an early stage

Driving developments forward

Based on the tried and tested cartridge-type directional seat valves, a comprehensive modular valve system has been designed, featuring a very reliable energy-efficient system for monitoring the operating position. The modular design makes it possible to create individual solutions using high-performance valves that meet even the most extreme requirements in mobile and industrial hydraulics.

This well-thought-out concept, centered on using proven components, is also the foundation of a reliable operating-position monitoring system.

Outstanding performance

A modular system for all facets

Series WR / WS directional seat valves from Bucher Hydraulics are characterized by their high power density. This ensures the best possible values, particularly in the relationship between switching capacity and delta P.

Hydraulic part plus sensor are cleanly separated from actuating solenoid.

In terms of application tasks and functions, all aspects of the flexibility of the modular solenoid coil system are preserved, and it therefore meets the requirements of numerous applications.

Positively in position

In safety-critical applications, such as machines with stabilizers, functions that are monitored in accordance with the if/then principle are of paramount importance.

The plus in safety

Mobile equipment often contains interdependent functions. For example, a crane boom cannot be operated until the crane is reliably stabilized. For this application, Bucher Hydraulics offers directional seat valves with operating-position monitoring and fail-safe sensor.

Safety for both man and machine

Injection molding machines are synonymous with maximum loads, high repeatability, and energy efficiency.

Injection molding machines are synonymous with maximum loads, high repeatability, and energy efficiency.

The standard for precision and reliability

Injection molding machines are synonymous with maximum loads, high repeatability, and energy efficiency.

In demanding applications such as injection molding machines and die casting machines, the status of hydraulic valves must be recorded and evaluated frequently for safety reasons. They also demand a high level of safety. Bucher Hydraulics directional seat valves with operating-position monitoring perform this function, offering not only high reliability but also high switching accuracy.

Energy as required

A good example of this is the idea of providing energy as and when it is needed. Processes with high repeat accuracy, such as those found in injection molding machines or presses, often achieve their desired performance peaks in an energy-efficient manner by using a combination of valve-controlled accumulator operation and variable pump control. If there is also a safety device in these machines to ensure that interconnected tasks can only be carried out in accordance with the if-then principle, the complexity of the system increases.

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Directional seat valves in cartridge design with operating-position monitoring

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