Prosper Band News August 21, 2021

Just a Note...

We had a great week and an awesome Saturday rehearsal today! We have some exiting things coming up and hope you are ready for some Friday Night Lights!!!!

We would like to officially announce that due to your collected input of theĀ BOA St. Louis Super Regional Marching Competion travel survey, you have overwhelmingly showed your support in favor of us attending the event from October 21st to the 24th (over 97% in favor!). We are so excited!!! There will be a separate email sent next week with payment information and other items of discussion; however, the details of the trip as confirmed from our travel group are as follows:

  • Click here for information about the competition.
  • Total cost of trip to date is $604 (this is in addition to the current band fee, as mentioned at registration).
  • General Itinerary of the trip can be found here.
  • All student rooms will be 4 per room.
  • All tickets, food, travel and lodging are included in the price.
  • Our Hotel: Hilton St. Louis Airport Hotel
  • We will be providing opportunities for parent chaperones to travel with the band. Selected chaperones will pay the $604 rate, but will stay 2 per room. There will be a limited amount of parents chaperones needed, so once the full St. Louis email goes out... signup quickly! Chaperones will be selected by the overall need of the band.
  • COVID regulations will be followed in every way as we are traveling. We will keep you updated as we hear any updates from District, State and National guidance regulations.

Calendar for the week of August 23rd

Football Game @ Grand Prairie

Thursday is our first football game at the Gopher Warrior Bowl in Grand Prairie. Due to the distance and anticipated travel time, all students will be released after Eagle Time on Thursday, August 26th (12:30pm) from their regularly scheduled classes and take "A" Lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a sack lunch that day due to avoid the long lines; however, the cafeteria will be open if a student is unable to bring a sack lunch. The District is providing charter buses and we will be traveling together with Cheer and Talonettes. It will be a late night, but we are excited for our first Football Game to perform our 2021 Spirit Show!

Absence Requests

Please read the Prosper Band Absence Policy by clicking the button below before submitting a request.

Prosper Mighty Eagle Band members are expected to be at all rehearsals, events and performances as listed on the Prosper Band Google Calendar. We understand that unavoidable conflicts may sometimes arise, but it is important that all students are present as we cannot teach an empty spot or chair. It is the student's responsibility to obtain all material that was missed and makeup the time appropriately. If you have attempted all aspects of working around this conflict, but cannot come up with a solution, please fill out the following absence request form ASAP.