6 Kingdoms of living things

Archaebacteria- prokaryote. Some as autotrophic. Unicelluar. He oldest life form on earth. Live in etreme enviroments.extremophil, profile. Can move. Some don't move.

Eubacteria. Prokaryote, unicelluar, heterotroph,autotrophs,not move, can move.

Protista, eukaryote, unicellular, heterotroph, autotroph, can move, some can't.

Fungi, eukaryote, unicellular(yeast), multicellular, heterotroph, don't move.

Plantae- makes own food, eukaryote, multicellular, autotroph, can't move.

Animalia. Eukaryote, multicellular, heterotrophic, not move (sponge), can move.


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