Nutrition By caleb mahan

The images base what kind of food that students need to eat for a proper nutrition.

The image shows the what ingredients to use.

This shows what food can come from; eating healthy

In order to keep students interested in nutrition classes; the classes need to interactive

Along with nutrition classes; exercising needs to part of the students lives
The images of a healthy lifestyle started with students learning about nutrition


Created with images by Meditations - "appetite apple calories" • Emmanuel Gadenne - "nutrition" • wuestenigel - "Äpfel / Fresh Yellow Apples" • Einladung_zum_Essen - "spread dip snack" • jill111 - "vegetables garden harvest" • skeeze - "cereal breakfast oats" • Coqui the Chef - "Cool Fun Food Art and Nutrition Class with Head Start" • Kantasimo - "dumbbell sport weights" • mojzagrebinfo - "tape fork diet" • B3R3N1C3 - "broccoli fresh food" • Pexels - "exercise jogging man"

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