civil rights jesus ortiz

A right to have all skined color people to be together. I think that all people of all skins should be together. All people should be treated again. It affects me by seeing all people being treated diffrently.

It affected the african americans by their population going up 7%.The african americans had kept going up by 7% almost every 10 years.After the population went up it started getting bigger and people started to respect some african americans with the help they needed.

I think that in 50 years thier will be a new leader that will rise.Their maybe a new world of how people think about blacks.They could have stoped racistnism other people can help them to tell them how to stop it or maybe things will get worse and there may not be much they will be able to do about it.

A leader or someone i knew was martin luther king jr.He made his famous i have a dream speeches that change civil rights in history and on.He also made the march all the way to washington and the march of selma.

I can write storys or make statments or something that can help people around the world.Somerthing else I can do is write storys of history or some day even put things on google.I can probably get people to help me with the civil rights.


Created with images by archivesfoundation - "Leaders at the Head of the Civil Rights March on Washington" • archivesfoundation - "Aerial view of March on Washington at Lincoln Memorial [Aerial view of the crowd assembling with a good view of the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument.]" • archivesfoundation - "Jackie Robinson (with his son) at the Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C." • skeeze - "martin luther king jr i have a" • archivesfoundation - "Students from Pittsburgh, PA take part in the Civil Rights March on Washington"

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