Forced Labour Tiffany Tellez

Forced labor is any work or services in which people are forced to do against their will under the threat of some form and punishment .

Forced labor is a global problem. This is happening regardless male, female, child,or elderly.

Where is this happening? How many people are forced to do labor?

"Asia and the Pacific :11.7 million (56%)"

"Africa:3.7 million (18%)"

"Caribbean and Latin American:1.8 million (9%)"

"The Developed Economies (US,Canada, Australia, European Union, Japan, New Zealand)1.5 million (7%)"

"Central, Southwest, and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independence States (C SEE)1.6 million (7%)"

-Stated 'Anti-Slavery'

This is something I did not know. I did not realize how many people were suffering. And I felt like others should know what is happening in our world. That not everything is good and okay. this is probably only a small problem compared to others which is not okay. This is something that is essential we fix.

None who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free.

-Pearl S. Buck

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