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About: Culture, Tradition, Food

The French Club is devoted to sharing French culture and customs to students by having them participate in exciting French activities. No matter what background or language skills, all students will have fun in this club, and will participate in activities from tasting and making delicious foods, to watching fabulous movies.

Fun Fact: There's only one STOP sign in the entire city of Paris!


This school year, The French Club met up twice. The first meeting was introductory on 10/6/16, where students were provided macaroons and grape juice while voting for their favourite activity. The next event was on March 10th, 2017. In this event, students made crepes together and relaxed while listening to French music. A third crepe making event is planned in May.


"The crepe making was so much fun! It was the highlight of my week. The crepe's were delicious, and it was amusing watching everyone attempt to make a crepe. 10/10" -Victoria Gorum

"The crepes were delicious and I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and making crepes!" - Coco Chai

"It was my first time making crepes and I had so much fun! Even if some of the crepes didn't turn out, they all tasted good!" -Holly Diener

Students enjoy their first experience making crêpes!
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Amira Chou

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