Prolifiyum Written & illustrated by Clifton Lee davis

Niyara James


A popular and mysterious street drug . Very little is known about it or where it came from. This drug has been involved in many bizarre deaths and murders around the country. Well what's left of it anyway. Will Niyara unravel it's mysteries? Will she find out who murdered her father?

Funny how everything that's happening right now is being used in my comic book and cartoon series. I can't wait to get to animating this project. The script is the most important thing. I'm writing two scripts, one for the comic book and the other for the cartoon.

-Clifton Lee

The Year 4036

Any drug that was known to man has been eliminated, but one drug has taken it's place. That drug is Prolifiyum. People have been more divided, resources are limited, some places are too hot to live, the polar ice caps in the South Pole almost no longer exist, due to consistent global warming. The government and politicians is even more crooked than before. The Prisons are overloaded. It's a war over resources, money, race, and restoration of earth. Niyara is stuck in the middle of it all, trying to avenge her fathers death and trying to find out more about Prolifiyum. It's up to her to unravel the truth.

May the Great Goddess be with her.


Arachnophobious Concepts

Creating Prolifiyum

I'm in the process of getting all the things needed to start the animation process. I've started a gofundme campaign, but I'm going to start a kickstarter campaign after all the characters are drawn out and the script is done. I'm using a combination of Procreate, Adobe Draw, Moho 12, and Manga Studio. These apps are very helpful to make this happen. I'm very excited and can't wait to share Prolifiyum with you guys.

iPad Pro

I use Procreate and Adobe draw for the drawing . I have a new love for digital art. Thanks to the iPad and these apps, I'm able to produce the content the way I want.

Manga Studio & Comic

I haven't used this software, but I'm excited to purchase and learn it to produce the content for these comics. The comic book will start at a earlier time in Niyara's life and introduce the characters and their stories.

Adobe Draw

Adobe draw allows me to illustrate in greater detail on the iPad and then export to Moho 12 to turn into a vector graphic. Another great thing about iPad Pro is I can also connect my tablet to my computer and draw in Moho 12 through an app called Astropad.


Moho 12 & Cartoon

Moho 12 which used to be Anime StudioPro, will be used to create the cartoon portion of the series. The cartoon will be in the present time (year 4036). The two stories will meet in the middle.

Created By
Clifton Lee


All characters are copywritten, Trademarked. created and illustrated by Clifton Lee Davis. Story Written by Clifton Lee.

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