Presentations By: Chris Washington

Founder of the Red Cross. Civil War Nurse

Clara Barton

Famous Qoute. I may be compelled

16th president

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. He enlisted the black hawk war. Famous quote, I leave you hoping, that the lamp of liberty will burn your bosoms until there shall be no longer be a boubt that that all men are born free an equal.

Improvement Hour.

She was a spy. What Lexie Archuleta did was give out care baskets to homeless.

Elijah. No Presentation

Thayne. No Presentation

Hope. No Presentation

5 Interesting Facts

1. I got my nickname Stonewall in a battle before I became general.

2. I was defeated for the first time on March 23, 1862

3. I was shot by my own man teammate on May 2, 1863.

4. I died a few days later.

My legacy was being a great leader and winning some famous battles.

Born January 19, 1807. Died October 12, 1870. Battles I fought in were Fredricksberg, Battle of Crater, Pittsburgh. But had to retreat.

William H. Carney. Quotes, I did my duty. Boys, the old flag never touched the ground. I was born in Norfolk, VA on February 29, 1840. I died on December 18, 1908.

Jamie presenting William H. Carney.

Roddy Lewis. Passion. God. Community. Served food to Homeless.

Stonewall Jackson. Bravery

Serve at the Marian House Soup Kitchen Downtown.

Founder of Red Cross
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Christopher Washington


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