Scholarships Caleb huffman

Founders scholarship- kent $500 to full tutition per year. Only 50 are given out and it’s renewable

I would apply for this scholarship because I have the GPA for it and I plan on taking the ACT more than one to ensure I get a quality score. I would really like to have a large amount paid for, because I’m not getting any help from my parents when it comes to college. On the other hand I come from a home of four incomes since I have four parents so the government is not likely to give me money even if I say that I will not be receiving any support from them. Also, by this time I plan on being at least a shift manager at Panera therefore that will affect how much I’m eligible for. So this scholarship could really help me out since I want to go to Kent State

Another scholarship I would apply for would be the Live Out Loud program scholarhsip.

This scholarship is for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and it helps pay off their color. This is a good help since I do identify under this criteria. There are not many things I can get a scholarhsip since I’m not as involved in school due to work, and I’ll take any help I can get. This also helps get the program out there and I can help others in this community find this scholarship in order to provide that extra push and give more motivation to complete college

Bienenstock furniture and design competition scholarship

I’d apply for this because it’s a major specific scholarship and I plan on going into interior design. It would also be a good way to get out there and get my name known so other colleges can look at me for what I want to do. The reward is up to $5000 and there are four rewards. This would benefit me a ton because that after the founds scholarship, it would take my tuition down quite a bit more if i was unable to achieve a full scholarship

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