Nikki's Poetry Project By. NIKKI FRITZ

Shakespearean Sonnet

I trusted you with so much but you left;

You disappeared, you became so absent;

Little did i know that you were a theft;

I can’t ever get you out of my head;

I never expected this to happen;

Remember when you painted my hand red?

So many memories have been taken;

It’s time to let them go ‘fore i go insane;

You’ve made it hard but it’s a well-played game;

You make everyone look like a birdbrain;

It is your fault for what you have became;

I am still confused, why would you do this;

You’re like a snake, I should’ve heard you hiss

Song Sonnet

If I told you about my little town,

About the two room house that I come from,

About the man that I get my name from,

I don’t have a clue where he is now.

If I told you I lose my faith sometimes,

Wonder why you would ever talk to me,

If i told you there is no fixing me,

Cause everybody has already tried,

I could wait it will all come out in time,

Would you stay with me or would you just leave,

If i told you all the dumb things I’ve done,

I’d blame on being young, but I now know,

Could you love me anyway, oh please do,

Could you love me anyway, please baby.

Darius Rucker

If I Told You

Confronting Fear Poem


Where are you?

Why aren’t you home?

I wish I knew where you were.

I wish I knew if you were in trouble, I’d come save you.


Come back now, I can’t do this without you.


I can’t live on my own.

I need you.

I love you mommy, I wish you weren’t gone.

Created By
Nicole Fritz


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