Your Ballad Article Research methods

Now that you've close read for part 1 of feeder 2, you can come up with research questions:

What particular patterns or specific words or imagery are you going to trace? What are their significance in relation to the idea of apocalypse?

Are there any woodcuts or images? Way that words are being emphasized typographically that seem significant (type size, italicized, repeated)?

  • repetition of "O Willow, willow, etc." Is also typographically marked with italics, perhaps because it is the refrain.
  • potential irony: "pleasant new tune" juxtaposes with the title, "complaint of a lover forsaken"
  • conversational. Seems as though the lover is addressing the audience, inviting their sympathy ("Oh pitty me (cried he)")
  • repetition of the word "complain;" also that often paired with "in vain"
  • narrator a man (the first woodcut? does not seem to be related to the text) while the disdainful woman seems to be holding the fan. Man is either speaking from beyond the grave or is about to die ("I love thee, though cause of my death" "In Grave when I rest me, hang this to the view"--this what? this ballad?!?! "With these words ingraven, as Epitaph meete,/O Willow etc/Heere lyes one drunke Poyson, for potion most sweete"
I searched the name in the tune, and found a historical Barton! Who is related to ships!
So I looked to see if we have other ballads with the same tune...apparently not.

So then I realized I needed to look up this ballad in the ESTC and find out as much information as I could (when was it printed? Who wrote it? Who printed it ? For who?)

Note: Told you all this last time, but works better if you copy and paste the title exactly as it is in the records from your archive.

Now I have questions about the text itself. Was originally struck by the ship imagery in this ballad.

  • Where is "Bristow?"--can look up in the OED

What does "bedect" mean? And does it have a ship-ly connotation?

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