Walker CoonHound By: Kimberly Cruz

A Walker CoonHound dog is trying to hunt a mole thats under ground with it's sense of smelling and hearing

The Walker Coon Hounds are an amazing kind of breed with amazing Characteristics. They are one of the most charming kind of hounds, Walker hounds are loving, brave, clever, intelligent, and courteous
They make great, lovable house pets, but they don’t have enough patience for little children. They can live up to 12 to 13 or maybe even more than that.
Walker Coon Hounds origins are from Virginia. According to a website called “Spock the Dog” says that Walker Coonhound’s have a thick coat so it protects them from getting attacked while they are hunting. The website also said, “however, accidents do happen and Walker Coonhounds do tend to get injured, resulting in wounds and scars.”

Two Coon hound dogs are trying to tree a caged coon. When they get the coon up on the tree, they keep barking and jumping so it stays up there.

They aren’t too big of a dog Male Walker hounds can be 20 to 27 inches tall with a weight about 50 to 70 pounds while female can be about 19 to 25 inches in height and can be 50 to 65 pounds.
They are easily trainable which is a good thing if you want one as a pet or a hunting pet. In an Article called “Breed Profile: Treeing Walker Coonhound” it says “Treeing walkers originally tracked and chased wild raccoons, squirrels and opossums up trees. Many of them still work in the same field, while others are companion pets, competitive show dogs or compete in trials.”
Walker Hounds are amazing animals they’ve been around for a long time. At first they were mostly likely used for hunting purposes, now they are kept as pets.

The Article teaches you more facts about the Coon Hounds. It talks about the history of the breed, and where they came from. It talks about there Characteristics, like how they look like. What their behavior is around adults, children, or other animals. What health issues they could have and how easy it is to groom them.

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