Scientific Research Gabrielle echard, class 2, due May 13th, chelonia

Growth And Development

Sea Turtles hatch from eggs and walk to the ocean where they grow and develop over time. They can grow up to 3-4 feet long and weigh between 300 - 350 pounds. The Green sea turtle can live between 80-100 years

The Life cycle of a Sea Turtle
From Hatchling to Adult


Between the ages 20 - 50 Green Sea Turtles are sexually mature and begin to mate. Sea turtles lay eggs instead of having live young. A few weeks after mating females make their way to a sandy beach to nest. They deposit between 50 - 200 eggs. Females cover their nests with sand for protection from predators.

Sea Turtle Nest

In this current event the article talks about the fear of sea turtle extinction due to female bias in warm climate. Because the weather is getting warmer, this results in more female nests. If the temperature was colder there would be more male nests. Due to rising temperatures there is an over population of females making reproduction levels low because of the lack of males.

Adapting Through Evolution

Sea turtles can survive for up to 5 hours under water because they're heart rate drops to save oxygen. They also have a salt gland that gets rid of all the extra salt in their bodies. The salt escapes through the turtles eyes which is why it looks little turtles are crying. This helps them keep sand out of their eyes when females have to travel to land to nest.

Sea Turtles Crusty Eyes

Scientist Spotlight Search:

Name: John A. Musick

Work place: Fisheries Science Lab 139

Contribution: Anthropogenic impacts on sea turtle populations

Responds To Stimuli

Bird are one of the sea turtles biggest predators. When a sea turtle spot a bird above them they will dive down into the water to hide from birds.

Sea Turtle Coming Up For Air

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