Lifetime project. aaron rubio

I am a freedman from the western expansion . I wish to go into the western side of America were towns and business are being established. I could not live in the new England states because I was struggling with poverty and hope that I seek opportunity as a miner. the technology that has effected me was the steam powered locomotive, without a great invention I would have remained in Massachusetts.

I am a writer from the gilded age, I want to expose the corruption that lies behind blinded ignorance of major industry that ravages our author that relates to me is mark twain, because he has also used the term "gilded" in order to represent my perception in this era. I fight for what America could be doing right, whether it is the power that big business seems to have over the federal government, or it can be the rights that our minority's deserve. the laws that have been established and match my social politics were the observations that the federal government gives upon the meat packing industry.

I live within the Puerto Rican territories. my home was conquered by the united states from the treaty of Paris, in December. From America's imperialistic actions, the intentions of acquiring Puerto Rico was to be fit for military purposes.

I was a soldier in the great war, I was drafted because of Germany's decision to resume the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare and America was a victim of that policy, not to mention the Zimmerman telegram. Every day was like one endless event filled with paranoia, restless conflict, and the unbearable filth that ravages the trenches. I was in the front lines in the battle of Cantigy in France. so much technology was in our and the enemy's hands. things i never expected for an average war, tanks, machine guns, and planes with built-in machine guns of their own. I supported the fourteen points, because i believe that they could bring prosperity not only for my country, but for Europe as well.

back in the 20s I was a bootlegger. Since prohibition had been a thing, people have been begging to have some booze and what I realized is how much money can be thrown at you, and thus, I came my smuggling job. The first guy that drew my attention to this was non other than Al Capone, even though I've heard of him since 1916. and with the money that I made, even in this month, I was able to buy my very first automobile, which I don't have to walk anymore. well even though i couldn't get into stocks for obvious reasons, I still made a killing.

I was a factory worker in one of the most infamous years of my life, which was also is my great depression. Being a factory worker was pretty much my best choice, I wasn't going to last as a farmer for issues like the dust bowl and the hot sun. I grew poor, once I lived in an average american house hold, then in an old crust apartment in the middle of town. I worked hours on end in the factory, sometimes I would come back home with dirty or scratched up hands, but it didn't matter to me. all I wanted was to put food on the table. I'd get a second job, but people were lined up everywhere to have at least one.

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