Omar, you are on an important mission to change the world for the better, and we want to support you.

You need a competent team to execute your vision, a team that creates and integrates the many moving parts, is aligned with your mission, and can commit to serving you on the long journey from take-off to arrival.

We believe we are that team.

And we would like the opportunity to prove it to you.

Where We Want to Take You

We want to take you where you want to go. You want to be instrumental in building strong, safe, and bonded families, including refugee families, on a scale that exceeds what you are currently able to do within your existing framework and reach. Your destination is to create an institute or academy that hosts courses and experiences, online and perhaps live, that train mental health care practitioners, community leaders, teachers, parents and caregivers in untangling the cycle of dysfunction using your methodologies. We join you in your vision and have designed a flexible, phased path to it that will adapt to your future budgets of time, resources, and market response.

Perhaps a membership site with a video library, courses, summits, books, and other tools.

To get there is a long and winding path.

Building the credential of authority means being accepted by the gatekeepers of an industry. You have begun this authority-building and our plan positions you to scale your presence and emerge as an unwavering global voice from a platform that is prepared for the interactions and opportunities to come.

Authority produces opportunities which advance you to your institute, and more.

Like Any Journey, You Want to Plan One Leg at a Time

The plan we have designed for you provides you with the tools and assets you will need to thrive on the rest of your journey. The first phase of our strategy is constructed to minimize upfront investment costs by focusing on only the essentials required to increase revenue streams and maximize your ability to create what you learn your market wants as you move forward. Our plan minimizes potential wasted effort and supplies you with a foundation that will stand the test of time and directional shifts.

The first phase of our strategy is completely modular - it does not depend on when or if our other phases are completed. Phase One seeks to construct a foundation that generates income and information to fund and intelligently build the later phases.

Phase One estimated build time: 1 - 2 months

Phase One: Brand + Platform Creation

Research & Consultation

Our team will collect the details of your current connections and prospective organizations of influence:

  • Names
  • Emails
  • Organizations
  • Professional websites
  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube/Vlogs
  • Facebook business pages
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Our team will create a comprehensive spreadsheet compiling the details above regarding all possible connections and influencers-of-value that align with your mission. Researching these prospects will enable us to more accurately assess the elements to create that give you the best possible assets to attract speaking events, collaborative endeavors, and consultations.

Our findings, combined with your input, will sharpen our aim in Phase One and inform choices in Phases Two and Three.

Brand Development

Developing your brand is an intricate and bold step into a level of clarity that makes everything else easier and more consistent. It is not for the faint of heart and many business owners give up midway when the need for careful articulation exceeds their skill and patience. This incompleteness kills their confidence and leaves their work indistinguishable from others. Our soul-to-street approach to branding anchors your message and brand to you and your why then wraps it in words and images your market will recognize and want. The solutions that surface through our branding process satisfy the soul of what you are doing as it makes sense on the street, where your people are.

The key steps in our brand creation work include:

  • Clarification of intention with language to describe it
  • Clarification of markets with language to describe them
  • Confirmation or re-do of company and project names
  • Tagline and/or slogan creation
  • Acquisition of appropriate URLs
  • Onliness Statement
  • Brand Lexicon - a bank of words, phrases, and lengthier descriptors to be used or adapted on all materials, sites, and profiles.
  • Brand story
  • Point of view clarity and statement
  • Products/services line-up, with names and descriptions
  • Visual identity - logo, brand palette, brand typography, visual standards to be followed by anyone working with you. Your visual identity will be applied to business cards, website, materials, social media, and so on.

Our branding process will get and keep you clear about who you are, what you're doing, why, and for whom. It is your compass.

Website Creation

Phase One website creation is purposed to establish you as an authority and to create a touchstone for anyone networking with you to view your content, ideas, and presentations. You will have a site of up to 3 pages designed to present you clearly and beautifully to visitors, engage them with a lead magnet, and offer them an opportunity to join your growing community which will build your list - an essential asset for the success of the rest of your journey. The style of the Phase One site creation will be similar to Nouman Ali Khan's site.

The creation of your site will require the creation of additional creative assets, which are included in our proposal using our team of creators. The assets include but are not limited to:

  • Professional photographs
  • Graphic design (Note: If Tim designs the logo, we will work closely with him on it, and our team will be creating the site design and assets. This helps us control our costs and stay within the stated amount. Tim had said earlier that his agreement with you would be separate.)
  • Explainer video (explored in detail later)
  • Copy writing

Additionally, the website will require these services:

  • Domain registry (completed by you - cost not included in proposal)
  • Wordpress hosting (a monthly fee of around $20/month - not included in proposal)
  • Email list software (included in proposal)
  • Email automation software (included in proposal)
  • Lead magnet - free content to attract emails (included in proposal: a free chapter of the Untangled book in PDF form)

We are building the site to grow. In later phases, and after more content is produced, our team can expand the site to meet its more robust demands like, at an additional cost determined at the time.

Phase One website will give you and your growing community and contacts a place to find you and your offerings while collecting their email addresses for future correspondence, interactions, and sales.

Explainer Video

Video is now an essential asset for any brand. We will produce a 2 - 3 minute video to orient visitors to who you are and what value you offer. This is a critical asset, especially important when your work includes getting paid for speaking and consulting services.

Our plan includes:

  • Resourcing and reviewing any available license-free footage and photos of your recorded presentations.
  • Scripting and shooting new footage for video at chosen location.
  • Editing footage together, music, and logo animations.
  • Final production, sound mastering, and digital hosting.
  • Placement on site.

The finished product will be of similar texture, style, and visual quality as Nouman Khan's However, it will not be equivalent, as his video was at least 10K worth of production. We will use our best talent and know-how to create a similar experience that is affordable for you.

The video we create for you give people an experience of you and an opportunity to engage with your vision and/or engage you as a speaker and consultant. It will help establish you as an authority worth listening to and learning from.

Speaker/Consultant One Sheet

As we have noted previously, we have designed Phase One to generate revenue, which will not only build your authority but fund the future of your project. The clearest path to both is to make it easy and desirable to hire you as a speaker and consultant.

Your Speaker/Consultant One Sheet will:

  • Meet and exceed industry standards in content and style.
  • Build a compelling case for hiring you.
  • Align in every way with the brand we have created.
  • Include names and descriptions of your presentation and consulting packages that we will determine through the branding process.
  • Include links to your site and social media profiles.

Another aspect of this part of Phase One is determining price points for your speaking and consulting services by comparing what the market is paying. We may also want to lightly explore placing you with a speaker's bureau that is free or affordable (the cost for this would go beyond our proposal).

There is money to earn in speaking, facilitating, and consulting and the Speaker/Consultant One Sheet will help those looking for great presenters to find you.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the # 1 platform for professionals in your circle of influence. A strong LinkedIn profile with great copy, content, and imagery will help leaders respect your value contribution. It will also allow you to connect with valuable influencers and leaders in the field with confidence in not only your profile but in the brand, site, and other assets behind it.

This portion of the plan also includes grabbing any other relevant social media profile connected to your project name such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Our plan includes:

  • Creation of profile to fit your new brand and intentions
  • Copy writing - to convey your message clearly and concisely
  • Uploading relevant video content and logos
  • Uploading relevant slide deck content to SlideShare
  • Uploading new photography asset
  • Collecting other social media profiles



Once the brand, website, profiles, and other assets are built, everything is in place to begin scaling and invite interactions.

Your platform will be solid, clear, beautiful, and ready to grow with you, at your own pace and budget.

Phase Two will be a response to what is learned in Phase One and to what you learn from your speaking, consulting, and market interactions.

Your brand and platform are ready to serve you. As are we.

Phase One Investment: $10,800

We propose a two-month contract, with total payment split between the two-month duration.

That's two payments of $5,400 payable via check or credit card, with the first payment due upon signing of contract.

Here is a recap of what you will get with your investment:

  1. Research & consulting - to customize our creation and lead to an intelligent marketing and implementation strategy.
  2. Branding - to create consistency in language, imagery, product line, and singularity through every aspect of your work
  3. Website - a landing-page style Wordpress site to host content, invite interaction and engagements, and collect email addresses of prospective client and audience connections.
  4. Explainer video - a 2 - 3 minute video to convey and attract people to you and your mission and vision for families while serving as a speaker demo reel for prospective speaking and consulting engagements.
  5. Speaker/Consultant One Sheet - to compel meeting and conference planners, as well as community leaders, to hire you to speak and consult.
  6. LinkedIn and social media - to give you presence in social media by developing a rave-worthy LinkedIn profile for professional connections and prospecting and secure a Facebook business page and registration of other social media identities such as Twitter and Instagram.
Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me by phone with any questions: 971-319-4370
It's been a pleasure exploring with you!

Thank you for your time, Omar. We hope to journey into an Untangled future with you.

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