1st Session: June 26–July 22, 2021 | 2nd Session: July 25–August 14, 2021

TASIS Summer Program (TSP)

Ages 14-18

Middle School Program (MSP)

Ages 11-13

Le Château des Enfants (CDE)

Ages 4-10

Discover the Beauty of Switzerland and Beyond

The magic begins on our campus. Perched on a hillside in sunny southern Switzerland with commanding views of snow-capped mountains, palm trees, and Lake Lugano, our ever-evolving global village comprises 25 buildings dating from the historic 17th-century Villa De Nobili to the state-of-the-art Campo Science Center.

Capitalizing on our location in the heart of Europe, our travel program will introduce you to majestic natural settings—from the Swiss Alps to the Italian lakes to the Mediterranean coast—and to stunning Swiss and Italian cities, including Andermatt, Basel, Zermatt, Zurich, Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, and Venice.

Where will you go?

Develop Your Mind

While our programs provide plenty of time to play and explore, most mornings are dedicated to traditional classroom learning with a first-rate team of dedicated educators. Among other options, you can take intensive courses in Italian, French, or English as an Additional Language; build an academic writing portfolio; prepare for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program; learn how to cook like an Italian; develop your own lean startup; and study robotics, science, graphic design, digital photography, architecture & design, fashion & textile design, or musical theater.

What will you learn?

Create Your Masterpiece

Our visual and performing arts programs are designed to build confidence and bring out the artist in every child. Whether you want to star in an original musical, learn a new instrument, perform a modern dance, write your own script or song, paint a canvas of the campus, take the perfect photo, design a poster, create an architecture model, or design a clothing line, our devoted team of professional artists and educators will help you achieve your goal.

What will you create?

Rise to the Challenge

  • Canyon in Cresciano
  • Raft down the Rhine River
  • Hike the Jungfrau
  • Ice climb the Furka Glacier in Andermatt
  • Ride an alpine slide on Monte Tamaro
  • Kayak on the Ticino River
  • Waterski on Lake Lugano
  • Paddleboard on Lake Maggiore

What adventures will you choose?

TASIS Summer Program (TSP) • Ages 14-18

  • Take intensive courses in languages, IB prep, musical theater, fine art, photography, architecture, fashion, and business
  • Enjoy thrilling outdoor adventures, advanced sports training, and world-class visual and performing arts offerings
  • Explore the wonders of Europe with students from all over the world


Challenging. Inspiring. Engaging. TSP courses offer you the opportunity to stretch your mind alongside new friends from around the world. Each student selects one of the following courses and focuses on that subject for approximately four hours each weekday morning.

TSP offers courses in International Baccalaureate (IB) prep and Academic Writing as well as language courses in English, Intensive French, and Intensive Italian, all with special language-based activities built into the program.

Our Visual Arts courses in Digital Photography, Architecture & Design, and Fashion & Textile Design, engage students in the classroom, on campus, and during off-campus excursions in which students pursue their subject firsthand.

The Musical Theater course is run by a Dedicated Performing Arts Team (DPAT) and culminates with the performance of an original musical during the Summer Arts Festival at the end of the session.

In 2016 we added a Culinary Arts course, La Cucina Italiana, that provides students an introduction to the delectable world of Italian cooking. 2018 brought the addition of a Lean Startup Masterclass in which aspiring entrepreneurs will learn the basic principles of the lean startup approach.


Our travel program introduces students to some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in Switzerland and Italy. Hike the Jungfrau. Sketch in Venice. Climb a glacier. Eat in Rome. Go canyoning, whitewater rafting, or kayaking.

With a location in the heart of Europe, the TSP travel program introduces you to beautiful and exciting destinations—from the Italian lakes to the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean coast.

The trips, the people, the languages—it’s all special. TASIS is a part of the world where all people can come and learn about themselves.

-Sofia, Italy


Afternoons at TSP are devoted to sports, the arts, travel excursions, outdoor adventures, and other activities. Go windsurfing, paddleboarding, sailing, or swimming on the Italian lakes; play tennis, soccer, basketball, or volleyball; or relax with yoga or Pilates. Dance, drama, and musical theater options are also available and culminate with performances during the Summer Arts Festival.

Special sport tracks are available at an extra cost. Students may choose to participate in our Olimpia Milano Basketball, where coaches from the Olimpia Milan Armani Junior Program focus on improving physical strength, fitness, and confidence; in our Milan Academy Scuola Calcio, which offers the exceptional opportunity to work on your skills with coaches from the renowned AC Milan Club; or in Crossfit, a strength and conditioning program consisting of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and weightlifting.

The memories that TASIS leaves in my life keep me coming back year after year. It’s such an experience to come here every summer. Every time I come here I leave with bright emotions in my soul. I come back and the memories hit me. This is my family now.

Nikita, Russia (after completing his ninth summer at TASIS)


One of the most important aspects of TSP is friendship, and global friendships help us become global citizens. Where else can you meet people from more than 60 countries who quickly become a second family? TSP challenges you to grow into the best version of yourself.

Middle School Program (MSP) • Ages 11-13

  • Study English, French, Italian, academic writing, digital photography, or musical theater
  • Enjoy thrilling outdoor adventures, advanced sports training, and world-class visual and performing arts offerings
  • Explore the best of Switzerland and Italy with students from all over the world


Stretch your mind and develop new skills with first-rate teachers and inquisitive students from around the globe. Students are challenged each day to practice the skills they have learned in class as they meet new friends, develop their independence, and explore Switzerland.

Each MSP student selects one course and focuses on that subject for approximately four hours for five mornings each week. Students choose from the following options: English as an Additional Language (EAL), EAL Academic Writing, Beginning Italian, French, Musical Theater, and Digital Photography.

Students also explore new academic disciplines during afternoon clubs, cultural nights, special cultural projects, Arts Hour, and leadership activities.

Aspiring artists may choose to hone their drama, dance, and singing skills by working with our Dedicated Performing Arts Team. The Musical Theater course introduces students to every aspect of creating a production and culminates with a performance for parents and friends during our special Final Night event at the end of each session.


Climb up a mountain and take a zip-line down. Jump off a rock while canyoning. Pose with a peacock in a garden on Lago Maggiore. Watch an opera in Verona’s Roman amphitheater. Taste fresh cheese and olive oil in Tuscany. MSP offers travel experiences that open your mind and broaden your world.

Day Trips

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the MSP “weekend” and are reserved for travel. Adventure lovers can go canyoning, caving, or swimming in icy Alpine waters while culture enthusiasts can explore Milan, Como, or Lucerne. Day trips immerse students in the cultures of Switzerland and Italy.

Overnight Trips

Overnight trips are an exciting blend of cultural and adventure activities. Recent trips include ice climbing and hiking to an Alpine hut near Andermatt, visiting the lush region of Château-d’Oex in French-speaking Switzerland, strolling the Italian coast between Santa Margherita and Portofino, and visiting charming Tuscan hill towns. These trips are a wonderful opportunity to bond with friends while experiencing a new part of the world.


Two afternoons a week, MSP students have a Sports or Activity track. These include archery, windsurfing, climbing, waterskiing, tennis, and more. On-campus activities include art and dance.

For those more serious about playing sports, the MSP Sports Clubs will challenge their skills and improve their game. Students can train with professional soccer coaches at Milan Academy Scuola Calcio and basketball coaches from Olimpia Milano with the Armani Junior Basketball Club, hit with high-level tennis coaches in Tennis Club, and improve their handicap in Golf Club. Participation is at an extra cost.

Evening activities give students a chance to relax, play games, and spend time with friends. Mondays are always Cultural Nights, where students watch special performances. Other activities throughout the session include a World Cup soccer tournament, Capture the Flag, and a semi-formal dance.

Afternoon Clubs let students explore activities that stretch their brains in exciting ways. They can learn robotics, study cutting-edge science, develop graphic design skills, discover more about Switzerland with Swiss Culture or Outdoor & More, or create tasty treats in one of our cooking clubs.

Saturday afternoons are spent working on special Leadership Activities, including a regatta on Lake Lugano, the TASIS Olympics, and a scavenger hunt around Lugano.

Four nights per week, MSP students join our Dedicated Performing Arts Team for Arts Hour, where they can learn a musical instrument, write a song, or create a dance. All Arts Hour classes perform during the Summer Arts Festival on the final night of each Program.


Meet new friends from around the globe while exploring some of the most beautiful and exciting areas in Europe, challenging yourself physically, and expanding your horizons in the classroom. MSP will broaden your world.

I have friends from Turkey, Turkmenistan, Russia, Japan, China, the USA—loads of places. There are so many similarities between us, no matter where we’re from. We’re all the same. We really get close to each other in three weeks.

- Lila, France

Le Château des Enfants (CDE) • Ages 7-10

  • Take courses in English, French, or STEAM while also studying robotics and science
  • Enjoy outdoor adventures, sports, visual arts, and performing arts
  • Discover the magic of Switzerland with students from all over the world


The learning environment at CDE focuses on nurturing curiosity about the world in a safe, family-like atmosphere. Small classes allow our professional educators to engage the children using songs, games, and hands-on activities that help make learning fun!

Our international environment encourages children’s curiosity and appreciation for other languages and cultures. All CDE activities are designed to help children understand and use familiar words and phrases in their target language, which helps them become more comfortable in their new surroundings.

All language classes meet for nearly two hours each morning and again for Exploration Hour in the afternoon. Classes introduce children to academic language and vocabulary, group projects encourage teamwork, and field trips give students the chance to use their target language in the real world.

The mission of CDE is for children to learn and grow. It’s about making friends and living in cooperation with others. It’s about learning to be independent and resilient. The social and emotional work we do at CDE is transformational.

- Meagan Vincent, CDE Director


Throughout each session, students participate in a varied program of recreational and artistic activities, with an emphasis on activities that promote teamwork and cooperation. They are encouraged to follow directions and be responsible team members as they play, sing, explore, and learn. Activities include visual and performing arts classes, sports with professional coaches, swimming, and special discovery courses in mathematics, science, and robotics.


Time off campus lets children explore new surroundings while feeling safe and secure with their friends and counselors. Recent activities have included pedal boating on Lake Lugano and learning how to make cheese at an Alpine dairy farm, and we engage with local educational resources such as the Natural History Museum in Parco Ciani and L’Ideatorio at the University of Italian Switzerland. Children eight and above go on a two-night camping trip in the Alps, our 10-year-olds take a special trip to the Monte Tamaro high ropes course, and all students spend an evening shopping in downtown Lugano.

CDE boarding students take part in special weekend trips, including full-day Sunday trips. Recent excursions have included visits to Lucerne to explore the renowned Swiss Transport Museum and to a Safari Park in Italy.


CDE is proud to attract students from dozens of countries, truly bringing the world to your child. Our young learners delight in learning about each other and themselves.

Our daughter has made friends from around the world...she loved the excitement of learning. You have made an unimaginable impact on her, which I am sure will have a positive lifetime effect on her perspective on life.

- CDE Parent

Le Château des Enfants Minnows • Ages 4½ - 6


Our youngest CDE members, the Minnows, are exposed to English, Italian, or French through daily lessons. Teachers use songs, drama, and other activities to learn vocabulary and phrases that they practice every day. Our oldest Minnows take part in special science afternoons where they experiment with air, magnets, sinking, floating, and more.


Time off campus gives our Minnows a chance to be together in a new but safe environment. Favorite excursions include visiting an Alpine dairy farm, exploring the Bellinzona castles, going on a nature walk, and riding the small Lugano trenino.


Creativity is important to our Minnows. They produce a variety of projects using paints, collage, and clay. A special afternoon activity focuses on learning about a visual artist and replicating his or her style to create a new piece. The artwork is displayed during the Summer Arts Festival at the end of each session. Another favorite activity for our Minnows is singing and playing instruments. Daily music classes teach songs and actions that are performed at Final Night.


It never ceases to amaze us just how much a young child can change and grow in only a few weeks. We invite you to see for yourself!

Other TASIS Summer Programs

TASIS England Summer Program

Ages 10-17 • United Kingdom

  • Courses in Geometry, Writing Enhancement, STEM, English Literature as Movies, Debate & Leadership Skills, Knights Castles & Crop Circles, British Council accredited English Language lessons, IELTS Review, TV Production, London Through a Lens, Fashion & Textile Design, Drawing & 3D Design, International Business (for ages 13–17)
  • Reading Adventures, Earth Discovery, and Leadership (for ages 10-12)
  • Weekend travel throughout Britain
  • Located on a beautiful campus 18 miles southwest of London

Les Tapies Summer Program

Ages 13–18 • France

  • Hands-on study in architecture, painting & drawing, and photography
  • Excursions draw on the cultural richness of the South of France
  • Idyllic location in a beautifully-restored, 17th-century stone hamlet in the Ardeche

TASIS Dorado Summer Program

Ages 12–17, Puerto Rico

  • Located on the TASIS Dorado campus in beautiful Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico
  • Spanish Language and Marine Life & Environmental Studies
  • Oceanography and Ecology course associated with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment Center
  • Excursions explore the cultural riches of the island

TASIS Schools


TASIS The American School in Switzerland offers a challenging college preparatory program during the Academic Year for day students in grades Pre-Kindergarten to 13 (postgraduate) and boarding students in grades 6–13. With a student body comprising more than 60 nationalities, TASIS offers a truly global educational experience, taking advantage of its location in the heart of Europe to provide an outstanding program with an unparalleled international dimension. Along with an American college preparatory program, TASIS offers International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and English as an Additional Language programs. Highlights include two weeks of Academic Travel each year and a pioneering Global Service Program.


TASIS The American School in England offers an American college preparatory curriculum to day students from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 and boarding students in grades 9–12. Located 18 miles southwest of London on a beautiful 35-acre estate of Georgian mansions and 17th-century cottages, TASIS England combines a rigorous academic program with exceptional facilities for art, drama, music, computer science, and sports. TASIS offers the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and English as an Additional Language programs.

Puerto Rico

TASIS Dorado is a coeducational day school with English as its language of instruction in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. It offers a top-quality, innovative academic program within modern facilities and attractive natural surroundings. The School offers excellent programs in music, drama, and art, and encourages enthusiasm for learning and individual growth within a purposeful community.


We are delighted to announce that TASIS Portugal (Pre-Kindergarten through grade 7) opened in the fall of 2020! Visit www.tasisportugal.org to learn more.