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Well firstly a bit about our new magazine format. Just like you, we love everything about Avakin Life and we wanted to create something designed to collate all the week's related content in one place to share with everyone to enjoy.

We wanted to include all the week's news, posts, photos, videos, fashion, contests etc from all around the community and share it with everybody so none of us miss out!!

As well as contributions from members of the community itself, the content is primarily taken from our Avakin Life Addicted, Edits - & More and Unity fan pages and the Official Avakin Community Group on Facebook.

We really want the magazine to be something everybody can enjoy, contribute to and be included in, and we really do want your help for us to achieve that goal. More about that later on in this edition. Thank you for reading!!!

Avakin Life News

What's going on in Avakin this week

Congratulations this week to Instagramer @AvakinVlada who won Avakin Official's #AvakinFestiveFancyDress contest and won an awesome 3000 coins. Well done!!!

#AvakinFestiveFancyDress winner

And talking of official Avakin contests, we have until tomorrow(3rd Jan) to get in our entries in for their #AvakinNYE Instagram contest. Hope everyone had fun on the big night and can't wait to find out who is the winner. Good luck!!!


We also have until tomorrow to enjoy the NYE party event at The Venue and Liberty Plaza.

NYE Party

Remember the Avakin Official #avakinchristmashelper event is still running until 10th January, so you still have time to find all the elves and return to head elf Frank to claim the ultimate prize!!! Below is a key provided by Sapphy-Kelly Reece to help you on your quest. For further walk-throughs, tips and hits, subscribe to the YouTube channels by MQK TV and others and check out their helpful videos.

Useful key for your quest

And finally, all this month Lockwood are spoiling us by giving us discounts of up to 70% off Foal, Front Row, LKWD Couture, Kijane and Secrets outfits. The sale is on until the end of January.

January Sale

Fashion Weekly

This week's new releases

This week we saw a massive collection of winter themed items for both genders from Front Row, with the Faux Fur Fantasy collection. The range featured luxurious fur coats and jackets in a variety of styles and colours. The guys sometimes feel hard done by, but this week there's no doubt they have received a collection that definitely rivals the girls!!!

Featuring - ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, ËvîlíçøúsxTRDx, Sophie xTRDx, |Addy|88 xTRDx
Featuring - ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, Freya xTRDx, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ
Featuring - Drake xTRDx
Featuring - Drake xTRDx

LKWD Couture always gives us stunningly beautiful dresses/outfits in a quality and style you'd expect considering the price tag that usually comes with the brand. For the girls, this week saw us receive eight truely gorgeous sparkling and shiney outfits with the Showstopper collection. The variety available ensures that whatever the occasion, there is definitely something for everyone and well worth the coins. For the boys, a small collection of dapper suits completed with a bow. Each outfit is almost identical to the next in terms of style, but the variety of colours available may see many purchasing more than one item.

Featuring - |Addy|88 xTRDx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, ËvîlíçøúsxTRDx
Featuring - ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, Sophie xTRDx, ღAnnaღxTRDx, Lealusa |CB|
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

If two brand releases wasn't enough for you, we also received the very cute Cupcake collection from Delirious Squid. The boys only received a couple of jumpers for their release, but the girls received seven brand new dresses, pinafores and jumpers in a variety of cute colours and seemed to be particularly popular this week.

Featuring - ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, ËvîlíçøúsxTRDx, Diva xTRDx, |Addy|88 xTRDx, ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, Sophie xTRDx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ

This week from Ikon we received glittery silver outfits perfect for New Years Eve and just in time. The girls received the gorgeous shimmering silver Star Dust dress with choker-style chains, and both the jeans and the jacket were embellished and encrusted with jewels for the guys Meteor outfit. Very glamourous!!!

Featuring - Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

Avisyle Weekly 'Look of the Day'

By Emeana Avakin

You may have seen Emeana Avakin's 'Look of the Day' feature on Facebook previously. Like us, I'm sure it gives you lots of useful hints, tips and ideas for great outfits to put together and wear on Avakin and it's a pleasure to be able to include her feature in our magazine.

This week's Avistyle Weekly 'Look of the Day' is the Rockabilly girl. Try it yourself today!!!

Look of the Day: Rockabilly 👠

I love the way these ladies dress so I decided to add my own twist on things!

The unfortunate thing with this dress and other similar styles, you cannot see much of the hands. They disappear with certain poses therefore I haven't bothered adding anything to her hands 💋

The Rockabilly girl

Outfit of the Day: Another Rockabilly Girl ❤️🖤

Just add your fav tats. I chose arm tats to go with the style 😊

The Rockabilly girl

Best of the Brands

The best of the community's brand edits
Daisy Avakin
|Addy|88 xTRDx
Faith Avakin
AriannaLynn Sovo
Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake
Faith Avakin
|Addy|88 xTRDx
Leopard Lust
Makayla Clifford
Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake
Faith Avakin
Makayla Clifford
AriannaLynn Sovo
Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake
Lora Avakin
Daisy Avakin
Faith Avakin
|Addy|88 xTRDx
Purpz Avakin
Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake

Top Pics of the Week

The pick of the pics from across the community

A selection of the community's top pics/edits posted on our Avakin Life Addicted, Edits - & more and Unity Facebook fan pages and the Official Avakin Community Group.

Eujeny Vanhurs
Daisy Avakin
Eco King
Maia Myea
Lora Avakin
Lidia Isabel
Makayla Clifford
Andrea Behrens
Red Cruz
Leopard Lust
Ashnerker Avakin
Paenaypie Ava
Jetaime Bolafeld Fire - Drake
Angelheart Ava
Allie Avakin
Jessica Howard
Ella Jasmine
Lindsey Dorst
Yong Yong
Purpz Avakin
Eco King
Daisy Avakin
Daisy Avakin
Avakin WolfQueen
Vkarthikeyan Avakin

Contests & Competitions

This week's contests and competitions from across the community

In a few weeks, Avakin Model Management are celebrating their 2nd birthday!!! That can only mean one thing.... a birthday contest!!!

To enter their competition, all your have to do is post a photo celebrating AMM's birthday on Facebook and Instagram using @avakinmodelmanagementoffical and hashtags #avakinmodelmanagement and #amm2017.

The best three photos will win a 2000 coin prize and also a surprise item!!! The winners will be picked on the 28th January, so we have the rest of the month to get posting. Good luck!!!


Your YouTube

All of the week's Avakin related videos from some of the community's best YouTubers
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below

Avakin Life Apartment Design

A big part of Avakin Life is owning your own apartment and customising it to suit your taste or perhaps for that special occasion/event. With so many apartments now available to buy or win, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with what's new and what items are inclusive to collect.

Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant Avakin Life Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started. The page also boasts some beautiful photography.

This week we feature some of Brandy's decorative ideas for the Regent's Park apartment released just before Xmas, some beautiful photographs of views outside and within some of the apartments and all the inclusive items available for the Lapland Log Cabin and Black Forest apartments.

Next week we will be looking at apartment designs by members of the community featured on the page.

The Regent's Park Apartment

Regent's Park

Decorative designs by Brandy Burry

A view from outside and within....

This week we feature some beautiful photographs taken by Brandy of some of the amazing views/images both outside and within some of our apartments.

This week's inclusive items guides

This week Brandy gives a guide to what inclusive items are available in some of the newest apartments.

Credit: Brandy Burry

Sit Down With Sapphy

Sapphy-Kelly Reece knows everybody.... Everybody knows Sapphy!!!.... So who better to send out into the world of Avakin each week to ask the community for an insight into their own Avakin Life.

This week she caught up with Reckless RiasG and one of the magazines admins Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ.

1) What is your name? Rias

2) How long have you been on Avakin? 1 year 3 months

3) Are you part of anything? Groups, families etc? Reckless, Revolution and The Klause Roleplay Group

4) What do you do in your group/family? Reckless helps everyone, to guide and to prevent bullying. Revolution is a family that sticks together no matter what. All for one. The Klause is a roleplay group which involves supernatural beings

5) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Favourite thing to do is decorate my places and roleplay

6) Where is your fave hangout spot? Even though it's limited, I love the Devonshire cottage

7) Fave feature? The dances and poses would be more if they actually interacted with each others avakins

8) Fave Apartment? My designer bar lol

9) If you could change anything on avakin, what would it be? The realistic graphics for the avakins to be able to interact, better hair and good clothing

10) What would you add to Avakin? More spaces in apartments for editing and instead of having pets staying at your places, have it where you can have them with you etc

1) What is your name? Prya Pavkova

2) How long have you been on Avakin? A year

3) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? True Royal Dragons, Avakin Unity and the Avakin Life Edits/Addicted fan pages

4) What do you do in your group/family? I help run the family/groups I'm involved in. It keeps me busy, but it's more fun than it sounds

5) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? I love to party and socialise a lot. I also love to make edits and getting involved in all Avakin related things

6) Where is your fave hangout spot? At the minute it's the Regent's Park apartment. I like to dance in the sunset

7) Fave feature? Club sundown XL for IOS. We usually have multiple servers for our parties and it would be great to have more places like that

8) Fave Apartment? At the minute it's the Lapland Log Cabin

9) If you could change anything on avakin, what would it be? The organisation of my dances and poses

10) What would you add to Avakin? Eventually more player interaction I suppose

We Need You!!!

We went this magazine to be for everyone to enjoy and take part in. It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as we do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Avakin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community. To do this we need you!!!

So...... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included or you have an event, group or family to promote, we would love to include it. If you want us to help promote your contests and competitions, we want to hear from you. If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help.

Mostly we value your feedback. We need you to help us make it better for you and let us know what you think.

To contact us for all the above and anything at all, just send us a message to the Avakin Addiction Magazine Facebook page and we will respond to everybody.

Thanks to.....

Thanks of course to - Lockwood for constantly working to bring us the best game in the world and making the experience so amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Main contributors - Prya Ava Pavkova, Sapphy-Kelly Reece, Emeana Avakin, AriannaLynn Sovo, Faith Avakin, |Addy|88 xTRDx, Brandy Burry

This week's models - |Addy|88 xTRDx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, ËvîlíçøúsxTRDx, ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, Sophie xTRDx, ღAnnaღxTRDx, Diva xTRDx, Lealusa |CB|, Freya xTRDx, ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, Drake xTRDx, χXJöńXχтяdχ

YouTubers - MQK TV, Eujeny Vanhurs, Soureex, Faiza Hassan, Effie Ava

......and everyone whose amazing edits/posts were featured this week!!! Find em on Facebook!!!!

........and finally.....

Thank you all for reading and for your feedback!!!

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