Live-talk with Kilian Fischhuber


A climbing expedition to the Siberian backcountry

In 2016 the Russian geologist and adventurer Sergey Karpukhin published pictures of rock formations, which he called "Rock Cities of Ulakhan-Sis". Inspired by the pictures, Kilian Fischhuber - 5-time World Cup overall winner in bouldering - ventured into an adventure of unusual dimensions with a colourful team from 4 nations. After countless trips to remote climbing regions such as Jordan, Iran or Zimbabwe, it soon became clear that this trip would demand far more from Kilian than anything he had ever done before. In order to reach the rock cities, the adventurers had to take on 3 days of walking through impassable tundra areas in addition to 4 flights and a 200 kilometres boat trip. The exertions exceeded all expectations: Knee-deep swamps, the constant fight against swarms of mosquitoes, and 24 hours of daylight put the entire team to the test both physically and mentally. The reward? Breathtaking climbing and first ascents in a surreal landscape.


... tells of a very demanding expedition planning with the help of Google Translate, from the love-hate relationship to rubber boots, unexpected strains during the expedition and the clash between imagination and reality. Accompanied by pictures and film clips of this breathtaking landscape and numerous amusing anecdotes, it also deals with the protagonists, the geologist Karpukhin and the three climbers, Galya Terenteva, Robert Leistner and Kilian Fischhuber, who are prepared to put up with quite a lot for this adventure.



Teambuilding | How to set up a team that is capable to cope with multiple and diverse challenges? Which requirements does it have to fulfill? What are the key characteristics to ensure performance of the team over the long run?

Endurance | With increasing strain, the question of WHY always comes to the fore. How do you manage to keep your goal in sight, regardless of this.

Risk management | How much risk are you willing to take if there is no plan B? Do you take a 10kg rifle with you on an expedition to be prepared in case of a bear attack or do you rely on having good luck?

Nachhaltigkeit | Yes, a helicopter and diesel generator would have made things a lot easier. Why was it deliberately left out?


... is a 5-time overall World Cup winner in bouldering and has shaped his discipline like no other. In addition to 21 victories in World Cup competitions and five medals at major events, Kilian has made a name for himself through climbing trips to all continents, exciting film projects and sensational first ascents. After a successful career in competitive sports, Kilian now devotes himself more and more to rock climbing, in his home alpine region as well as in climbing areas around the globe.


Kilian Fischhuber is currently on tour with the feature-length TERRA INCOGNITA Live-talk.

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