The king of fighters KOF-2012

Welcome to the King of Fighters' world, there are 13 games about the KOF, but I only like 1 game that is in the 13 games, its name is----KOF 2012.

This is the logo of the King of Fighters.

The King of fighters 2012 is my favorite game. This game came out in 2012 as a product of SNK Company. But there are other five companies cooperating with SNK. It's a very interesting game and it is easy to play. There are 4 buttons which you can play with. K is to kick, P is to punch, S is to strike, and E is to defend. There are other powerful skills which you need to explore to fight against your enemy because different character has different skills and different ways to use. In the game there are 34 characters. What is the category of this game? It’s a fighting game. You can choose 3 characters step by step, to fight against your enemy, and then you can challenge the Boss. After you defeat the Boss, you can get the characters’ new clothes or new skin colors.

when you play the game which the display look like.

Besides, there are 34 novels related to this game. The game was created in Japan and was available in China, 1994. Many teenage boys like to play because it talks about fighting and it is very famous around the world. Why do I like to play this game? And what does it attract me? There are many things that attract me since I have read half of those books and I think the plots are very exciting. There are many different fighting combinations in the story as well. For example, Good Team likes to help others but the other team is Bad Team, always does bad things or something harmful to others. But there is also a Neutral Team. What does that mean? That means the Neutral Team sometimes does good things and sometimes does bad things. Besides, there are Army Team, Girls Team, Fathers Team, and Boss Team and so on. I have just given you a brief introduction of King of Fighters Series above. Then I would like to walk you through the world of “King of Fighters 2012 (KoF 2012)”. Why am I more interested in “KoF 2012” than other series of King of Fighters game? Because the quality of “King of Fighters 2012” is better than those of King of Fighters 1995 to 2002. (There was a new version of King of Fighters coming out each year from 1995 to 2002). And the number of character that you can choose is much larger than that of 1995 to 2002. For instance, “King of Fighters 95” only has 10 characters and “King of Fighters 99” has 20 characters in total. But the 2012 version has as up to 32 characters! Therefore, you have more choices and more skills that you can explore. However, this game has some short falls. Mostly, the game is a little bit slow since this game on mobile phone which is 2 GBs which may slow down your phone. But this problem still cannot stop me from playing this game since I have been playing this game via PC or mobile phone from childhood. Although “King of Fighters 2012” is not that connected to the original novel, I found this game sold on IOS App Store is extremely popular in terms of downloads. There are main two reasons why I enjoy playing ‘’King of Fighters 2012’’: firstly, the resolution is higher on the display panel and secondly there are characters which I like. Meanwhile, there is not only the classical Task Mode but also other modes you can choose like Single Mode, Two-Person Mode, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Mode, Training mode and World mode. I like Task Mode and Single Mode most because those modes are interesting and smooth. But I am not a big fan of Two-Person Mode and World Mode because you need to get connections to Wi-Fi and connection to another player otherwise you are not able to start. As a result, I recommend Single Mode and Task Mode which are less time-consuming and convenient to start.

this is my favorite character in the game.

This guy's name is Clark; he is a soldier from US Army in the game. He looks very cool and strong. He always wears a pair of sunglasses and a hat on his head. In the game, he likes to use the leg to kick the enemy and his combo skill is to catch the enemy and throw him/her into the sky and then use a powerful kick to attack the enemy to the ground. I like to use him to fight and he is the strongest character in the game in my opinion.

This is my second favorite character

This girl's name is Athena; she is a student in school and her dream is to become a good singer and to find a master to learn superpower. She finally found a master to learn superpower and also got a lot of admirers. In the game, she is a cute but powerful girl. Her combo skill is the rebounding damage to enemy, and the other one is health restoring which even makes her stronger than normal.

this is the main character, also is my third favorite character

Look at this guy, his name is KYO and he is one of the main characters in the game. He also has a crush on Athena. When he was young, his father taught him how to control fire and how to use it. After he grows up, he is strong enough to participate in KoF World Tournament. This guy is not outstanding in terms of the number of skills he owns, only 3 skills to be exact. However, each of the three combo skills could incur tons of damage to the enemy.

This is a picture about all characters in KOF.

Of course, I think each one has a game that he/she like, but I recommend this game for teenagers or young boys, because it is a fighting game. If you like this game, I wish you can enjoy this game and have fun in this game.

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