America Is...In Ruins By: Sydney Thompson Period 6

America is... In Ruins because since we have gotten the new president Trump we have been in ruins with bombings and how we are not doing so great in these times. America was in ruins from the past because of the Great Depression and how they lived and how they were homeless. Lastly, America was in ruins when we were bombed at Pearl Harbor. During all of these events that have happened to America we have all managed to stick together and work it out no matter how hard it got.

1930's The Great Depression Pearl Harbor- December 7, 1941 Trump's Presidency- January 20,2017

The Great Depression

The Great Depression made America in ruins because during the time because they had just gotten out of the 1920's and that was one of the best times for America. Then to go into the 1930's now with having nothing and not having jobs, made everyone go into a depression stage. The depression made America realize how thankful they should have been during the 1920's. The Great Depression made us very aware of how we need to be one country and love each other. The Great Depression was right after the roaring 20's so when the Great Depression hit, America took it very hard. The Great Depression had made other countries around very conservative because they didn't know if the Great Depression was going to effect them too. It also made America think that they should have saved because everything bad was happening and they didn't know how to fix it.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor made America come closer and united as one. During the time we had to all love each other and make sure that we all are safe and loving. The attack on Pearl Harbor made us all aware that we have to be more careful about what we do as a country. It also made it so we could all be even more united as one. The attack had made us scared but we also wanted to fight back. It made us aware that we need to be even more cautious with what we do. 2,403 people had lost their lives that day. We need to learn from our mistakes and become more prepared for attacks like this.

Trump's Presidency

Trump's Presidency has turned us to ruins because he has bombed Syria and the people of America have been very scared because we don't know what to do. We didn't even know about this and he didn't even get it approved. Trump is going to make it harder on himself to become likable by the people because he doesn't check in with anyone to make sure we are okay with it. Trump has too make sure that we are always safe and never harmed and in this case we aren't safe and it is his job it protect us.

Visual Representation

My thought process for my visual is that I will there are the presidents starting from the Great Depression all the way to the current day president.

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Sydney Thompson

Teacher: Mrs Sandoval

Period 6

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