Module 3 Enlightenment

Of Elephants and Roses

In this news website focusing on the exhibition that was based off of Paris approximately 200 years ago, during the Enlightenment. Things that I found interesting was the transfer of inspiration in this period. During the Enlightenment in Paris, focus was majorly centered around plant and animal life. For example, "Music for Elephants" was about two elephants that ended up being the center of scientific research between Paris and Philadelphia. Another example was "Hunting for Trees", where there was more interest in discovering new plant life that was beautiful and diverse. The growth of fashion, science, and overall culture began to change and is perfectly depicted from this exhibit and website.

The Ottoman

This particular website I found quite interesting for it had great visual pictures that perfectly depicted the growth of the Turks during this period. It showed a picture and small description of Coins, also called Dirhams. This was very significant for it created legitimacy. Also the structure of the buildings was transforming as well. This relates to this chapter because the growth from one overall ruling to the next obviously comes with different traditions and changes.

Diderot Encyclopedia Exhibit

This was my favorite site for this module for it focused on a majority of elements that were changing during the Enlightenment. During this time, there was a huge increase in job opportunities and tools being used. For example, there was pictures of Ribbonmaking, cork makers, cutler, wigmakers, barbers, and more. This just goes to show the heavy reliance and new use of tools of this period that vastly put the period above all the rest. There was also an increased sense of detail on art that was depicting these new tools and jobs creating a realistic view. This relates to this chapter because it describes in detail the growth of reliance on tools and the importance.

Instructors Comments

My favorite section of the Instructors comments was when discussing what the Enlightenment was and how Locke affected it. Here it was discussed the idea of tabula rasa and how people are a "production of their environment". As a Psychology minor I found this highly interesting for people were just beginning to explore other sciences and had come up with this idea of nature vs. nurture. People in this time period began to question things and speculate on their own through actual studies not just accepting what they are told. This relates to the chapter because of the spread of the sciences during the Enlightenment including Psychology.


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