Serial Killer Profile Edward Gein

Table of Contents:

  • Background
  • Description of Crimes
  • Better Way to Solve Murder
  • Using Information learned


  • Born on August 27th, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Alcoholic Father
  • Very religious mother
  • Had an older brother named Henry who later died due to fighting a house fire(Maybe? They still believe Gein may have killed his own brother)
  • Did various chores around the families farm
  • Was bullied in school
  • Did well in reading and economics in school
  • Gein's mother preached to him constantly that lust and carnal desire were sins
  • He was very loyal to his mom
  • After his mom's death is when he began to rob graves and commit other crimes

Description of crimes:

  • Shot and killed Bernice Worden; then decapitated her
  • Gein commonly robbed graves for various body parts that were later found all throughout his home
  • The head of Mary Hogan was also found on Gein's property
  • Created a women suit out of various body parts to allow him to feel like his mom

Better Way to Solve Murder:

  • I honestly think the police got a lead on Gein and quickly took action; therefore, they found out he was committing these crimes upon arrival at his home.
  • But something the police could of done was have better patrol of the grave yards. He dug up a lot of people's graves but no one ever seemed to notice. This seems a little odd to me.
Using Information Learned: I learned that when you have a lead you need to follow it immediately so that you can stop the killer from striking again. Gein was the last reported person seen with Worden and he ended up being her killer. Therefore, this shows eyewitness accounts can give you a lead and be important in the long run.

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