Customs of Feudal Japan By: Fairoz Rizwan

Custom 1: Feudalism

Feudalism was a structured system that kept everything in order. Everyone had their role that contributed to the big picture. If one class decided to leave, everything would fall apart. This helped structured society because it made everyone feel safe, secure, and stable. The people knew where they stood and how powerful they were which was important because they knew their limits and boundaries. If the feudal system did not exist, everything would be chaotic and unorganized.

Feudal Pyramid

Custom 2: Religion

The original religion of Japan was Shinto and it expresses the love and respect of the Japanese for nature. This was the official religion after Buddhism came to Japan. Shinto stresses pure find what is on clean; Shintonists celebrate life and the beauty of nature. Religion helps bring people together and forge new relationships which was important because it allowed people to get to know each other. If religion wasn't brought to Japan people wouldn't come together and isolation would be much more severe.

Religious Structure

Custom 3: Samurai

Samurais or members of a military cast in feudal Japan. They rose to power in the 12th century. The samurais backed up the authority of the shogun and gave him power to over the emperor. The samuraicode(Bushido) is that the true warrior must hold loyalty, courage, versity, compassion and honor as important above all else. The samurais offer protection for everyone and they keep everyone safe. They fought for everyone and we're prepared for everything. If the samurais never existed, Japan wouldn't have such an organized army and wouldn't have the exact views on how to live their life as they do today.



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