soak 2019: provision awardees🐝 from 24 Voting Members of Talented And Gifted Peer Review

Community MEMBERS,

here are the funded projects for soak*2019:hive mind


[civic provisions]

TAG ran our first Civic Provisions process this year. tag chose to add $130 from art provisions. total dispersed for civics: $1130 to 19 applicants.

Fire, camp signage/decor, community need projects funded:
  • Bear Naked Tramp Studio
  • Best Butt
  • Black Rock Gladiators
  • BROTHel Camp
  • Campbiguous
  • CSB
  • Fiery Flowers & Zen Garden
  • Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
  • Krampusberg
  • Letter of the Day
  • Over F*ckin’ Rated
  • Radiant Chaos
  • Tiki Camp
  • uASS Local #2
  • Universal Eggsperience
  • Yall's Camp
  • Yellow Bikes
art provisions

tag funded 16 ART PROJECTS at $6870, thanks to anonymous donor-participants & Precipitation Northwest 501(c)(3).

🐝(Temple De La Luna by TempleCrew 523, Image by Sara Greer.) 🐝

artist Provisions are generally limited to $800 per project. Tag has flexibility to fund over that amount when they see the need.

🐝 (HeArt Support Participant Mural, 2017) 🐝

1. The Janky Arcades BY Dave Halbeck aka Schooner (repair+update)

Artist Statement: Compulsion, Obsession, and Enthusiasm. I want video gaming to be social, and spontaneous, appealing to all ages.

The Janky Arcades are a portable in-the-round arcade installation supporting 10 players facing inward. The piece offers 4 screens: a dedicated Driving Arcade, 2 player digital sticks for hundreds of fighters, co-ops, 2 player analog sticks with trackball and spinners, and a 4 player home console system - covered in blacklights, LED lighting, decoupage, paint, questionable architecture, homey decorations, and Hi Score boards full of 3 letter words.

"Dedicated to people who press ALL the buttons."

built to Radically Include participants of all ages, and provide a meeting point for young burners in particular.

🐝 insert sparkling chime soundbyte here 🐝

2. Alternity by Roy Trammell aka thewiz (REPAIR)

Artist Statement: I create art to make the world a more interesting place, and to bring meaning and purpose to my life.

Alternity is a geometric tree of 6 thousand addressable LEDs which represents the diversity of possible futures. It traces the paths our experiences may take through these futures, performs several different visual compositions, and offers visitors the opportunity to play with it in complex ways via a touch screen kiosk.

Constructed primarily of wood, steel, and electronics, it has a footprint of 30x30 feet and is 15 ft high.

Experience has shown the need for water and dust proofing, and the need for steel hubs to make it safely climbable. 🐝

Alternity control screen @Portland Winter Lights Festival, 2019
"When you hear this sound, it is time to turn the page..."

3. Dimensional Dreams BY Becca Priddy aka shiny (new)

Artist Statement: Art is an outlet for many people, and I'm lucky to be able to put my art into physical form. Art has been very therapeutic for me, helping me focus my anxiety and depression. This year I am creating a piece, with other artists, to help share places of calm and peace. I have a very difficult day job, so building a project based around mindfulness and relaxation is pretty awesome.

Dimensional Dreams will be a 6 piece project. In simple terms it is a 1ft cubed box sitting on a 48" pipe. Inside the box, which you view from the front, are layers of laser cut acrylic, sitting vertically, with lights creating a scene. I am currently collaborating with other artists to design 3 of the boxes for SOAK. The funding from SOAK would make it possible to make the first 3 boxes, out of the total 6 that will be made. These boxes will be designed around the theme "Places You Go To Relax" whether it is real or imaginary.

"I am designing this project so that I can set it up myself!"
*insert chime here*

4. Drippin Disco BY Alexander Griffith aka Xander Thumper & Amy Thompson (new)

🐝 Artist Statement: I am a full time Fiber Artist by day. When my GF and I lived in San Diego years ago we made several large scale disco balls for Youtopia. I think the last one was in 2015. They were highly well received. With the move and getting situated up here, we've been on hiatus. Last year we brought our Tea stand to Soak to dip our toes back into the community. We're ready to bring the lights and disco!
In years past we've had large 30' domes that housed the discoballs. We want to build our own metal dome that's 8' tall. The dome itself will be half covered with spandex to show a human skull. People can get up close with the spinning art.

We want to show the dripping hive mind as it reflects the faces, smiles and grins of everyone it spins in front of. A glimmering beacon to remind all those gazing upon it, that music, light and most importantly you, make the hive mind complete. 🐝


5. Sequinfluence BY Kristen Dunn aka trashfence (New)

Artist Statement: I make art to deepen my connection with myself and the world around me. I make art to reflect how I see the world and what I want to see in the world. I make art to briefly decorate the void.
"Sequinfluence" is an interactive art consisting of three 8'x8' panels of color-changing (black & gold) sequin fabric stretched over painted wooden frames.

The triptych will be free-standing as a giant 24' wall, preferably on the top of the big Soak hill, where it will enjoy sunshine environmental interactivity as well. I will wake up to "paint" an intricate scene on it every morning and then leave it to evolve and change throughout the day as Soak participants interact with it. All one needs to make art is one's hands! "Sequinfluence" is a statement on the influence we have on ourselves and one another...in our interactions we have to choose whether we want to change, erase, add to, or just appreciate.

"All fabric edges will be sewn to ensure no sequin left behind! Also we will diligently moop sweep our art plot upon removal to make sure no other materials left behind, like the good little Burners we are!"


6. Brain Storm by Sarah Vitak aka Dingo Starrr (Somerville MA) (repair)

Artist Statement: I am a maker, scientist, science communicator, and artist. I delight in the intersection of art, science, and human interaction. I love sharing the joy and wonder of science with people and in particular I like bringing that joy through non-traditional means. As an artist I love creating experiences. I want someone to be completely immersed by my art and feel like they are walking into a different world. I design my art to facilitate connections between people, encourage play, and spark curiosity.

The project is lumber, plexiglass, electronics and a few more bits. My art creates immediacy and lets people connect to what is happening inside themselves and be present in the current moment. It is also designed to facilitate connections and interaction between people and with the art itself.

*sparkle chimes*

7. Temple of the Five by pope tart, Calvin Bryen & Temple Crew 523 (New)

Artist Statement: i've burnt a lot of stuff at SOAK. 3 temples, a tree (that we built), thunderbridge...My favorite thing is to convince people to spend months building something and then setting it on fire in front of them.
The temple this year with be hemispherical made of 5 sided facets. It plays with open and closed spaces by appearing to be a whole sphere when first viewed coming up into the field, and open to hills. It'll be made of wood (cause it burns good). cultural influences: geometry. size 10x20x17'. artist intent: to make a beautiful FEG that the community can use as their Temple.

interactive: people will memorialize and worship and purge at the Temple. it's the whole point 🐝

"You will know it is time to turn the page when you hear this sound *chime*"

8. Community Bloom BY Donald Heer aka mega and Martin Held (New)

Artist Statement: SO this is my first time doing art for an event that is not tied to my theme camp. I'm pretty excited about getting to spend all of my time on something that while others will get to enjoy it, I have full control over. I really hope to make something that intrigues people and can act to bring them together for even a few minutes. I want to make something that has maximum impact while being reliable and low resource cost.

I want to make an art piece that participants can play with to make art but in a why that is very simple. No complex electronics. No messy paints. I want something that lets the participant play with both light and color. Based on this I want to build a larger hexagon inspired peg and light sculpture. Think the 'lite-brite' art device but with 3" pegs. Based on success I hope to install prisms in some of the pegs to send rainbows around the installation in the night. Participants can reconfigure and change the pattern with the easy of removing and installing a peg.


9. Lightning Cube BY Colin Barringer aka Dr. Responsible & Mike MacHenry, Melissa Barringer, David Besley, Sarah Vitak (new)

Artist Statement: My purpose in life is to bring people joy and solve problems for them through the medium of engineering. My source of greatest joy is to collaborate in the construction of art with others, particularly if said art requires solving complicated or interesting engineering problems. Making art is also an opportunity to meet people who may be interested in working with me, inspired by me, or simply interested in the output of what I'm doing.
This project is a simulated lightning storm experience. Participants enter a small room (8'x8'x8') where they are in darkness. The room has two windows which have small vignettes to simulate an outdoor scene.
The inspiration for this project is both east coast transplants missing the experience of a thunderstorm back home, and a subtle, friendly jab at the Thunder Dome project. The room is constructed of dimensional lumber, rigid plastic sheeting and window sashes. It is decorated with curtains, and the floor is made of foam. The room can hold up to 12 people, but the experience is better in smaller groups (perhaps 4 or 5).
These windows will periodically flash with light in a pattern meant to simulate a lightning strike. The lightning strike is followed by a small delay and then the sounds of a thunder clap. Ambient sounds of rain are present throughout the experience.

Typically, the intensity of the storm is randomized, but if there happens to be someone in the Brainstorm project next to it, the intensity of the storm will be controlled by the EEG that that person is wearing and be influenced by the business of their thoughts. We intend to encourage this type of interaction between the two projects.


10. Night Flowers BY Chance Corbeil aka Chance Ci (new)

Artist Statement: I’m an artist making magical spaces and sculptures that breath, fly, swim, and constantly change. Flowing colorful light moves through my art and environments, always fresh and new. I want art to feel alive. Transforming spaces with light and art can influence us to explore and discover what makes that space special. We take time to be in the moment and participate. I want to make more magical spaces with our community for us to explore.
The night flowers are acrylic plants that blossom with light in the dark. Rainbows ripple through the wildwood. A thicket of glowing brush and brambles is blooming magical flowers. the night flowers is to bring magic and beauty to SOAK. I have a stretch goal to make the night flowers interactive.

These plants are made of thick acrylic which is sculpted into 3D arrangements. The sculpture is built upon a cluster of tripods covered in foliage. LEDs make the art illuminated and lively with color. There are many types of plants from 2-way mirror, black light, and beyond. The entire sculpture can take many shapes, but will most likely have a 8 x 5 feet foot print. The night flowers will glow and attract burners from far away, like a hive minded bee to natural flowers. The flowers are a delight to inspect and touch. The purpose of the night flowers is to bring magic and beauty to SOAK. I have a stretch goal to make the night flowers interactive. 🐝

Turn the Sparkle

11. SOAK*2019: We Have Hives BY Courtney Sherwood aka Space Cadet(new)

Artist Statement: My approach to art is generally rooted in puns and a sense of mischievousness aimed at provoking consternation, amusement or groans.
SOAK*2019: We Have Hives is a series of nine related displays set in an alternative reality version of SOAK where the event's theme is "We Have Hives" instead of "Hive Mind." Each display will essentially be a stand-alone museum exhibit piece, with a footprint of roughly 3 feet by 3 feet. I've asked Placement to place each at different locations around the event (upper, lower, middle field, etc.)

Inside eight of the boxes will be items known to cause hives.

The ninth box will contain a mirror with spots on in, so that viewers who look at the display will see their own faces covered in hives.

My intent is to amuse and confuse. My influences are the pranksters and weirdos of the Burning Man community who dare to laugh at themselves as they seek to provoke amusement, irritation and thought.


12. Labyrinth of The Mind BY Shawn Estell AKA pinky, Holly Heredia aka Redirect & Tristan Roberson (NEW)

Artist Statement: I’m a professional artist of 15 years who works with public art installation and the performing arts all my career. I love to work with community and have the work I do be interactive and open to anyone of any age or cultural background.

This will be about 29’ diameter and 1’ tall. The walls will be made from B/C plywood with a #2 2x4 base. Inside the walls will be LED’s with a Acrylic top, basically a light box. Powered by batteries.


I want to create a piece that everyone who comes to Soak can enjoy and interact with. When the Soak announced it’s theme of Hive Mind I immediately thought of bringing a labyrinth. By their very nature they are meant to help with meditation and clearing one's mind. I chose to change the overall form from the traditional rounded shape to a Octagon as a gesture to a hive. Naturally I do recognize that hives are hexagons but when I drew that shape the paths were not ideal.

I'll be there on Tuesday with DPW as always, and at the end of my Tuesday shift I will start assembly and should be done either that night or the following day. A few members from CSB will help when they get in with the camp.



13. Synapse BY Rachel Glaves aka capra (NEW)

Artist Statement: I explore creating the feeling of altered "inside" spaces; the feeling of entering and existing in a changed, magical dimension where different rules apply. I aim to create emotional reactions to and within those spaces using a variety of senses.

I am creating a large web of stretched fabric lit from within with light that will fill a room-sized space that people can explore under, through, and within. The web will represent a neuron in the brain and the light will playfully model excitatory and inhibitory input entering the synapses at the edges, traveling towards the central nucleus, building to an action potential and creating a burst of light that travels through the long, coiled axon and out towards other, imagined neurons.

The synapses will incorporate sensors that detect people or objects directly under them (at or near adult head height) and respond by creating light impulses that travel towards the nucleus and help build dramatically towards an action potential.

The piece will be stretchy and somewhat changeable in size: 15ft x 15ft by a height of ~20 ft will be the goal. This piece will not be self-standing and will require installation between 3 or more trees or within the barn/barn wings.

14. The Chromosphere BY Christopher Condrat (Repair)

Artist statement: I'm attracted to, and try to create, interactive art because it enables the audience to participate in the art, becoming a part of it. I feel interactive art is at its best when it involves interaction not only with the piece, but between participants, creating a shared experience.

The Chromosphere, "sphere of color," is an interactive sculpture constructed of LED-covered, steel hoops forming a 5-foot sphere sitting atop a metal stand. Each hoop has 200 LEDs along its perimeter, which are animated, cycling between multiple, different animations that blend and complement each other.

Participants are invited to climb underneath to stand within the Chromosphere. Here the person is center-stage, illuminated by the animated lights surrounding him or her, and visible to everyone around.
Please explode page...

15. Portal BY Chance Corbeil aka Chance Ci & Chris Pitzer aka Chrispy (update)

Artist Statement: Art is about the joy of making. It's about exploring ideas and about using materials in new and novel ways. It's a way we come together with our close friends to spend time working together - the work that ties us together. It's about dreaming for a world that's better and more beautiful and working to make it happen. <3
Portal at SHIFT 2018
It's a 10' tall acrylic sculpture with a billion LEDs all over it! It was originally a collaboration between Chance and Chrispy, where Chance was doing shape studies and Chrispy came from an electronics background. The piece has evolved since it's original creation, and now we're exploring better execution of a lot of the details, and better programming.

This art allows you to see the world around / through it differently than you could otherwise. It's a break in reality. I think that interacts delightfully with both "Participation" and "Immediacy".

Turn the page...

16. Bag of Ice BY Michelle Bobo aka bobo & Jesse banks (new)

Artist Statement: The inspiration for this project is to add a layer of art and experience around ice sales at SOAK. Buying ice at Burning Man generally involves a wait process, but it also involves music and dancing and the participatory experience of meeting new people as you move through the line. SOAK rarely has a line, but it also lacks this shared element of fun and participation. I wish to change that!

This project is called Bag of Ice, and it is a playful artistic replica of the bags of ice being sold. The project features a large vinyl β€œbag” holding approximately 3000 pieces of synthetic acrylic β€œice”. In the center is a hexagonal plexiglass core that has been wired with 217 color changing LEDs. The LEDs are layered with plastic wrapping material and then surrounded by the artificial ice. This combination of materials softens the punctate glow of each light into a delightful ambient and textured field of dynamic color.

hive mind synced!

The next sync is SCHEDULED in May :)


Detail of TransItional Elements, Ball Pit by Nemeceks, Crystal Immersion by Crystal Ballers and the Flame Chandelier by Ryan Ramage.
Spikey Ikey - Tony Rieker
Zen Generator by Jesse Banks, A Tim Jones creation & infinitium de treehaus by Portland CORE.
TAG peer review is made up of volunteers like you!
TransItional Elements by Enquist/Greer/Broulett, Spinning Disks by Paul Stroffengard, @pperizer Burn by @pparatus & Party in a Box by Luna.

Thank you Talented and Gifted Peer Review Members! hive five!

Questions? contact the provision administrator sepia@precipitationnw.org
Join the team next season! Volunteer through soakpdx.com
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Sara Sepia Greer

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