Village of Pulaski By Jarid Dyal

Map of Pulaski
Some Of the Issues are Grass on streets, remodelling debris, weed control, Metal disposal, and E-Recycling

I Picked grass clippings because summers coming around and people will start mowing there lawns. The Issue is that your not aloud to put grass clippings on the street/road. I personally think this is a good idea because when it rains and there's grass clippings on the road, the water will run them down into the sewers and clippings can get in to the Pond or streams and the pestasides can hurt living things in the water. So by not putting the grass clippings in the road then this does not happen. When I go biking or mowing my lawn I see people putting grass in the street and I think the town can do a better job of making sure that this does not happen.


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