Harn Museum Madeline Chmelir

Source: Borgatti, Jean. Video

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: Video by Jean Borgatti displays an Okakagbe masquerade performance In Ovao, Nigeria. I was particularly drawn to this piece, because of the medium. While I might not be as captivated by a National Geographic documentary equivalent, the video shown was a bigger than life representation. In the photo you can see how small and simple I appear in comparison to the costumed, dancing Okakagbe man. When a video appears in a museum and is labeled as art, it is interesting to see the crowd it draws. Many of the viewers might not have been interested by the video shown as a tv special. When shown as art, it is hard for me to distinguish if my interest in the video is the content or the medium.

Source: Bahng, Ryan. Asian Art Wing Panorama

Design of the Museum: The Cofrin Asian Art Wing was the most captivating exhibit as far as architecture and design. The exhibits stretching windows shed light on the wing's pieces, highlighting their primarily Asian traditional styles. Just through the window sits a mystic garden to elaborate on the wings characterizing design. The center art piece is very low to the grown, making the ceiling seem higher and the space much larger. The room made me feel less cluttered than some of the other rooms with a lot more going on. It gave off the sense of peace.

Source: Guerrilla Girls. Do Women Have to Be Naked to Get into the Met Museum? Update

Art and Core Values: I found the pieces along the Guerrilla Girls display wall to be moving in its approach on sexism. The piece appears to display a nude, classical women, but the caption reads naked, which places gaze to the figure as less warranted. The ad highlights the alarming statistics of a deplorably low percentage of women artist in the Modern Art Section of the MOMA. I think the inclusion of the specific "Modern Art Section," is necessary, since many do advocate that women and men share the view of equal value in the workplace in modern times. I think the fact that most nudes are depicted by males mirrors with our in class discussion on how the Barbie was designed by a male. There is something about the depiction of an idealized body from a man's view that strikes many as offensive. I think the piece evokes frustration and relates to a lot of the movements and protests I have seen lately across our nation

Source: UF Health Shands Hospital. Gilt Wood Seated Bodhisattva X-Rays

Art and the Good Life: I thought the X-Ray of the Seated Bodhisattva was a good representation of seeking the good life. I think many times people separate faith from science. Perhaps this view takes these people on different journey's to find the good life. The good life to a med school student might be reaching their diploma and finding success in their field later on, while the good life to a Buddhist monk might be reaching a place of Nirvana. I thought the art piece demonstrated that sometimes we can choose a few paths to get us to our own good life. I also thought the choice to X-Ray a Bodhisattva was appropriate considering what a Bodhisattva is; a person who is able to reach Nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings.

Source: http://www.uwyo.edu/religionet/er/buddhism/bglossry.htm

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