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About Piper King:

Piper King was a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, producer, and opera singer based in Long Beach, CA.

Piper was a classically trained opera singer, starring in Mozart's "The Magic Flute", Handel's "Serse", Vaughan Williams's "Riders to the Sea", and Johann Strauss's "Die Fledermaus". She placed third in Colorado State University's prestigious Singer of the Year competition.

Piper has returned to haunt the world with her dreamy tunes and horrifyingly cute vibes. Her honest lyrics about life, love, friendships, and death paired with those ghostly vocals will leave you with goosebumps in all the right places. With experiences from both life and death, Piper brings a uniqueness to the music industry incomparable to any other artist.

Although she loves to blur the lines between genres, Piper primarily describes her music as dreamy, fun, lyric-driven indie pop. Piper is most inspired by funk Jesus Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, Still Woozy, Dayglow, Remi Wolf, BENEE, and Joji.

Future plans:

Piper King is working with esteemed music video director, filmmaker, and YouTube personality Derrick Acosta to create a music video for "Not That Bad", which is set to release in early July.

Stay updated through Piper's Youtube Channel, where she will continue posting creative covers, mashups, and music videos. Stay tuned for her debut album Everyone's Life is Their Own Hell, coming in October 2021.

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Not That Bad

Release date: 6/18/21

Immerse yourself in Piper King's ghostly sounds as you listen to her latest dream-pop love anthem “Not That Bad”. This 80s-inspired, synth-heavy, upbeat track is about the excitement and horror of real love. She sings about her own experiences with falling in love and all of its uniqueness, stresses, and joys. The song ends with a dreamy chant of love is not that bad to convey her message that true love is worth all trials and tribulations. Although it can be scary to commit to someone until death and beyond, the little things make it all worthwhile.

Piper King is working with esteemed music video director, filmmaker, and YouTube personality Derrick Acosta to create a music video for "Not That Bad", which is set to release in early July.

Lyric Highlights

You should know I was seeing you in every dream I had. Nothing compares to when we’re laughing in my bed...
Don't get in your head, just get in my bed. You know the rest...

October Sun

Release date: 2/22/21

Following the release of her debut single "My World" in January, Piper went hard to work to bring you her second single "October Sun". Here is her story behind the song:

Changing your personal world when the world around you is already changing rapidly and uncontrollably— that is what is highlighted in my second single “October Sun”.

Have you ever moved to a new place you were really excited about? A fresh start and a new environment to thrive in? But then the world shifts and you suddenly become drenched in a river of nostalgia for your life before. Even though you still love your new life and the place you live, you can’t help but long for the people and life you left behind. Especially in a pandemic where you can’t go back to visit those who made a huge impact on your life and the place that shaped this critical period.

I moved to California from Colorado right before the pandemic hit. I thought I hated Colorado in the short 4 years I lived there. I associated it with the stress of school and I felt I would never grow strong connections as I had in California. In my last year of living there, I built the strongest connections and made the most amazing friends of my entire life.

“Faces that I dreamt but when I woke up, they were all so real. I really don’t believe the life that was given to me— in a place so bleak and yet so bright”.

These are the faces of the friends I thought I’d never find in the stressful, unfamiliar, and often unwelcoming environment I was living in. The excitement of moving back to California, getting married, and starting my career as a music therapist was soon clouded by the October sunshine in California. The stasis of the seasons reminded me of what I left behind and unlocked feelings I was trying to push away for those first few months after moving. No matter what changes, life events, or global pandemics impact my life, the short time and amazing people I met in Colorado will always be an integral part of who I am and will always be.

My world

Release date: 1/9/21

Piper King made her debut with "My World" in January 2021. A piece ultimately about mental illness and its impact on love, here is what Piper has to say about the song that means the world to her:

Being married at a very young age isn’t easy. I got married in 2020, three weeks before the world went into lockdown. On top of a global pandemic, mental illness can make the pressures of marriage more intense than I like to admit. This is something I struggle to talk about, so I’ve fallen back on my always-dependable therapist: songwriting. “My World” is about being married to someone disabled by mental illness. It highlights not only the struggles of such a relationship, but also the light of love in those dark moments. As a person who also struggles with mental illness myself, its about empathy and never giving up on someone you love— no matter how hard it gets.

I’ll do anything for you” is chanted like a meditation in the chorus. I truly will do anything for the person I love, supporting them and letting our relationship grow stronger with every hardship. Invisible illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and OCD are so easily overlooked by society and even those closest to you. It's so hard to understand what other people go through on a daily basis. I often feel isolated and alone because of my partner's disability. My goal for this song is to reach others who are experiencing similar situations and let them know they are truly not alone.

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