Self Designed Exhibit 2 healthy lifestyle

Part I: Topic of Inquiry

In high school I was very athletic. I ran track, played soccer, was on the swim team, and a year-round lifeguard. Since starting college, I have become a lot less active. I have gained weight and lost a lot of self confidence. For this exhibit, I will try to incorporate an exercise and healthy diet routine for one whole week and document my results.

Part II: My Hypothesis

I predict that this experiment will be very difficult but that I will learn how to incorporate an exercise routine that works with my crazy work/school schedule. I think that I will definitely be able to work out at least five hours total over the course of seven days. I am a little worried about the healthy eating part- I can't cook very well and I usually just grab something quick and easy for dinner.

Part III: My Routine

I decided that I would start after spring break. That means that my experiment would run Sunday, March 26, 2017- Saturday, April 1, 2017. When I first started I felt very motivated and even kept track the food that I ate and the work out that I did each day. Unfortunately, I got overwhelmed with school work so I stopped keeping a written diary after just three days. I did, however, continue to document it though photos and notes in my phone.

Sunday-Tuesday Work out and Diet Diary

I was surprised to see such an improvement in energy levels and my mood just from two days of this new regime! Unfortunately on Tuesday I was once again bound by school work and was unable to make it to the gym or eat healthy. When I woke up on Wednesday morning I felt so sluggish and had a terrible stomach ache. I attributed this to my lack of movement and poor diet the day prior. After waking up feeling like this I knew that I didn't want this feeling again.

I was surprised at how well my workout went considering my poor diet the day before. I set some personal records on the machines.

To document my progress I took pictures of each machine at the end of my workout to keep track of my time and distance. Here are the results from Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I fail as a millennial. I forgot to take pictures of my food! But I did write it down everyday as seen above.

Part III: Reflection

I was very impressed that I managed to make it almost a whole week of daily exercise and (relatively) clean eating. It was way harder than I anticipated. Everyday I dreaded going to the gym but once I was finished with my workout I felt so good and was so glad to have gone. It definitely helped having a friend to go to the gym with. In the past few months I have tried many times to start a health kick and they have always only lasted a day or two. I never went to the gym, I always did home workouts or ran outside. This time I learned that I need to be in the 'workout environment' in order to get a good workout in and be consistent. I also learned that being healthy isn't just about exercise. On the days where I didn't eat as well I found that it was a lot harder to do my workout and I usually didn't get as much distance in. This worked as a motivation for my to eat healthy. Overall, I am so glad I did this experiment. I saw an increase in energy levels, I wasn't needing to take naps throughout the day, my sleep schedule improved, and my skin cleared up. I have never been big on weighing myself, so I don't know if I lost any weight but I definitely feel a whole lot better. Although school prevents my from going to the gym every single day, I am happy to say that 3 weeks after starting this new routine, I am actually still sticking to it! I have finally found a schedule that works for me.

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