Adventures at the Natural History Museum by. Pete Staviski

The museum had several incredible exhibits, but the one that stood out to me the most was the dinosaur exhibit. There were many aspects of this exhibit that I had taken an interest to; especially the lighting. Most of the museum was bright and well lit; however this room had a purplish glow to it, it made me feel like i was stepping into a new world. When I was finally immersed in this new prehistoric world, I was able to get an appreciation for how big dinosaurs really were. The sheer size of the skeletons was jaw dropping. The museum brilliantly placed the skeletons near the observation deck so guest of the museum could compare there size to that of the dinosaur. This comparison was what made this trip the most exciting.

The Natural history museum made me realize that we all flow together in a big cycle of nature. Without precious things such as the butterfly we as society would not be able to fully see the world around us. I felt an overwhelming sense of connection with the outside world. When i stepped foot in the exhibit I realized that there was so much more to life than what I was accustomed too. The farther I ventured into the museum the more I thought about how we as people simply take over land as our own and use it as we please. If we were to keep that up all the beautiful things of nature will eventually be destroyed. Everyone around me felt the same way about societies impact on nature. The Natural History Museum gives a rare opportunity for guests to be able to connect with nature at a local level and even inform them about all the benefits that nature provides us. Going to this museum made it very clear to both my morals and ethically that I need to take a stand in order to preserve nature and all the wonderful things in it.

The Natural History Museum is a portal to a place of bliss and inner control. One can fully express and think upon the world in the museum and that is not something you can do at most places. The Museum allows one to distance themselves from the stresses of life and just focus on the beauty of nature. From being at the museum we are able to learn more about ourselves and how nature impacts us. This is very important because nature affects everyone differently stirring up different emotions and thoughts in each of us. Nature is without a doubt a mystical thing and the museum allows us to appreciate the wonders that we may never have known existed before. It is for these reasons that being able to appreciate nature creates a clearer path for ones own good life.

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