Ocean Origins Brian magee 2nd period

The Big Bang formed the creation of the universe and happened 13.82 billion years ago. From the Big Bang matter and energy were formed.

9 billion years after the big bang, gravity attracted stars into large groups know as galaxies and created the galaxy we are in, the Milky Way.

Particles and dust gravitated toward our sun and then to each other, being held together by static friction. The continual build up the particles formed rocks, then boulders, and eventually our Earth, which happened 4.6 billion years ago.

Hear from the rapid collision from other space rocks caused the early Earth to be a hot, boiling sea of molten rock.

4.5 billion years ago an astronomical body the size of Mars collided with the Earth and broke off chunk that later clumped together to eventually form our moon

As the collision began to stop, the planet cooled and formed a thin crust, as well a mantle and core formed from the denser parts of the Earth coming together

As the core heats the mantle, the hot mantle rises up and then cools as it nears the crust, causing convection. These convection currents in the mantle are what cause the tectonic plates on the Earth's crust to move around, causing Earthquakes, volcanos, and tsunamis

Water formed on the Earth when water vapor from comets and asteroids that had collided with the Earth began to escape and condensed to form clouds that cooled the Earth and formed seas.

Lightning may have provided the 'spark' needed for life on Earth. Electric spark can generate amino acids and sugars from an atmosphere containing water, methane, and hydrogen. Over millions of years, larger more complex molecules could be formed, leading to the creation of life on our planet.

Eventually the early bacteria on Earth evolved into the organisms we see in our oceans and around the world today


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