What is the Good Life? FLMNH by brian trupo

Northwest Florida Exhibit with Turtle and Native Americans (taken by Sarah Stanley)

Nature On Display: One exhibit that I found very appealing was the Northwest Florida exhibit. This exhibit made it feel like you were somewhere in the woods. There were all different kinds of trees and little waterways too. This exhibit first captured my attention with the turtle tour guide that you can see in this picture. Then, the turtle lead us to a place with many fake, but realistic trees. Once we got past that part, there was a neat area that was designed to look like a cave. It was very dark and actually felt like we were in a cave. There was even a section of this exhibit that had dead bats in it to show the different colors and sizes of the different types of bats. From this exhibit, I learned that the natural world is so beautifully crafted, even without the help of man. I would have never understood the complexity and types of crystals in a cave if it weren’t for this exhibit that let me walk through it. Most of all, my experience was so enjoyable because of the fact that I was able to go in the cave and climb under this tunnel that showed fossils. I had a great time.

Tomato Frog and Dart Frog- Frog Exhibit (taken by Sarah Stanley)

Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum provided the opportunity to experience natures in ways very similar to what Leopold recommends. This museum allowed me to love and respect nature that I otherwise wouldn’t have ever been able to see. For example, I saw the awesome tomato frog and it was very unique because I would have never seen it regularly in my everyday life. I felt really connected to nature in this exhibit and I thought it was so cool that I could be around all these frogs. My friend also was amazed at all the frogs and acted very excited especially when she saw the huge bullfrogs. This exhibit allowed visitors of the museum to feel connected with the nature especially because the frogs were in exhibits that somewhat represented their natural habitats, so it felt like we were in nature with them. My experience instilled a very ethical responsibility to preserving and respecting the beautiful creatures around me and realizing how amazing they are by seeing them up close. This made me really think about how great life is and how everything in life isn’t just about money, like Leopold mentioned.

Butterflies, Sarah, and I- Butterfly Garden (taken by Sarah Stanley)

Nature and the Human Spirit- I believe it’s very true that we need to connect to the eternal so we can recognize the mystery and majesty of the world. The Natural History museum helps us step out of our lives of going to class and allows us to indulge ourselves in the natural world. For this page, I went to the butterfly garden and experienced the lush green surroundings and beautiful butterflies. The butterflies flew by my friend and I and even landed on her. It helped me find beauty around me in nature. The butterflies flew so majestically and you don’t even know the butterflies are at the museum unless you visit. It helps us understand who we are on Earth and how we are only part of the amazing life that surrounds the planet. There are so many mysterious and majestic things around the world that we don’t notice because we are too busy stuck in our everyday lives to look outside and see nature. This experience really helped enlighten me and show me what nature has to offer.


brian trupo and sarah stanley

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