5 Questions For Electromagnetism & Gravity Between An Alien & A Human

This week on "5 questions for...." in the "The Science Journal" feature our friends from another dimension. The aliens of Planet "Eyedoughnt Beleevu" have just arrived on planet Earth. They think that electromagnetism and gravity forces are utter nonsense. This magazine should prove them wrong. Boogle Bort representing planet "Eyedoughnt Beleevu" has 5 questions about these forces. "The Science Journal" should be able to tell them everything they need to know about Gravity and Electromagnetism, and prove to them that these forces are real using evidence. Be aware that Boogle Bort has a different alphabet as us, but he did the best he can to make his alphabet identical to ours.

Question #1: Øñ mÿ wåÿ tô Ęārth, Î wäś fłõātįńg îñ mÿ špåçėšhíp. Įf grävītÿ îš ėvērÿwhērê îñ ÿõúr gāłåxÿ, thęń whÿ wàś ï âbłę tö fłøāt?

Anwswer: The reason why you were floating in your space ship is because, you were actually falling. Your space ship didn't crash land on the Earth, though because you were traveling at a huge side ways velocity at 28,000 m/s. When you were about to fall your speed would allow you to curve away from the Earth.

Question #2: Høw döėš ēłéçtrómàgñêtįśm äfféčt Płãńët Ęārth?

Answer: The electromagnet force takes place everywhere in the galaxy. The electromagnetic force is responsible for giving things strength, shape, and hardness. The Earth's electromagnetic field serves to deflect most of the solar wind, whose charged particles would otherwise strip away the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Without electromagnetism people would have a difficult time surviving on Earth.

Question #3: Ōń mÿ płâñēt thêrę îś ńø gråvïtÿ ãñd wė śûrvīvè jūšt fíńê. Whÿ dō ÿõù ńèêd grãvítÿ?

Answer: Boogle Bort, there probably is gravity on your planet, but it's too little to notice. Gravity is extremely important to the universe. It's the force that holds everything in the universe together. Shortly after the Big Bang, gravity pulled atoms together to form the first stars and planets. It pulled the stars together to form galaxies and kept planets in orbit around their stars. On Earth, gravity keeps people, buildings, air and water from floating into space. It causes the ocean tides and objects to fall to the ground.

Question #4: Höw đø ęłëčtrõçtrómâgñētś wōrk?

Answer: An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. An electromagnet is a piece of iron (usually a nail) that has a copper coil tightly wrapped around it. A current through the wire creates a magnetic field which is concentrated in the hole in the center of the coil. The difference between an electromagnet and regular magnet is that with an electromagnet the magnetic field can quickly be changed by controlling the amount of electric current in the winding of the wire. However, unlike a regular magnet and electromagnet requires a continuous supply of battery power to function.

Question #5: Høw årë gràvįtÿ ãńd ēłêçtrômágñêtîšm čôńñêçtėd?

Answer: Gravity influences electromagnetic waves (light.) Gravity bends light because it bends space time itself. Since electromagnetism is what holds matter together Gravity depends on electromagnetism to function. Electromagnetism is much more powerful than gravity, so it serves as the source of nucleation.

An electromagnet is an object that uses electricity from a battery to become magnetic. An electromagnet uses the electromagnetism force to function. Some electromagnets are more powerful than others. For example, an electromagnet using a D battery will pick up more paper clips than an electromagnet with AA battery. This is because the magnet gets stronger as the electric current becomes more powerful.

Einstein's idea of gravity was that space is actually a fabric and there's actually something there that we can't detect. He believed that the emptiness it space actually had a substance to it, which he would model out in a three dimensional grid. When mass is added to the cube space bends all around it in all directions, so the grid lines get distorted and space becomes curved. Any object added into space will create a bend or warp of the space-time continuum. The gravity model above represents this. The fabric over the bowl bends when weights are put in it. Then when a marble is placed in the bowl it rolls and orbits towards the weights because of gravity.


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