Tallgrass cami chesler

exemplary evaluator may 4

  1. Mother of 2 daughters.
  2. Dana one of her daughters, is a lawyer in New Orleans.
  3. Povy her other daughter, is a photographer in Golden, Colorado.
  4. Sandra lives in Denver & Georgetown, Colorado.
  5. ^ with her husband Bob.
  6. Graduated from the University of Denver.
  7. She began her career as a reporter.
  8. She covered most of the rocky mountain region.
  9. She was a reporter staff member for 25 years.
  10. While a reporter, she began writing her first nonfiction books.
  11. Many of her experiences were incorporated into her novels.
  12. Author of 15 adult novels & 2 young reader novels.

Connection Builder may 3

In my novel Tallgrass the Japanese and their families are being racially profiled. Now a days profiling is happening all over the world. Most states do not have laws against racial profiling. Only 29 states even mention laws regaurding racial profiling. So the connection i see between then & now is that they think racial profiling is okay & they continue to do so.

EXTRA CREDIT: I think that the government shouĺd make laws against racial profiling. If they were to make laws it should be brought to the countries that allow racial profiling. And therefore it should stop racial profiling.

Character Captain may 2

Literary luminary april 28

discussion director april 26

My antagonist Rennie Stroud is in the community of the Japanese Internment camp, Guantanamo Bay during World War ll. Rennie lives down the road from camp Tallgrass. Her family and her take precautions for living so close to the Japs by locking their doors at night, something that no one in their town does. Rennie also goes to school down the road from Tallgrass. Rennies life is changing by the location of the internment camp.

Exemplary Evaluator april 25

Connection builder april 24

My protagonist Rennie Stroud and I have many things in common. One thing for example, her dad is hard on her. He wants her to make good decisions. He wants her to be respectful. And he wants her to grow up with a good life.

Character Captain April 21

literary luminary april 19

Discussion Director April 18

Tallgrass - Sandra Dallas - Fiction

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

In the novel Rennie's father tells her that life is going to be perfect and everything will be fine. But when the internment camp comes to town everything changes.

connection Builder April 13

In The Whispering Town & Tallgrass the main characters do not believe in what the government is saying about the Jews & Japanese. In Whispering town she does not believe that the jews are ruining or harming the country so she and her family helps them. In Tallgrass the narrator is not afraid of the Japanese she is more amused by them so she also helps them with the internment camp. They are both similar because the main characters do not believe what the government says about them.

Character Captain April 12


daring, passionate & caring

daughter of mr. & mrs.stroud

loves her best friend Betty Joyce Snow & loves to spend time with her father

Literary luminary april 10TH

  • Quote: ¨The summer I was thirteen, the Japanese came to Ellis.¨-Sandra Dallas pg. 1
  • Commentary: She is trying to give us a timeframe into her life to show when she has experienced this event.
  • Quote: ¨In early 1942, the Japanese on the west coast had been rounded and incarcerated in places such as the Santa Anita racetrack.¨ -Sandra Dallas pg.1
  • Commentary: This quote is said to give us a place & time to show the setting.

make a prediction about how your novel will end

cami - I think that the girl who went to the depot will get in trouble by her parents because she left without letting them know. I think that the japanese will take over her family´s farm, and the young girl and her family will be kicked out of their home.

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